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Pregnant with #3! Rss

Hello everyone!

Well I found out last week that Im pregnant with #3! I have a DD who is 3.5yrs and a DS who is 15mnths...

My calculations have made me to be 11weeks and 3 days and due in mid April '07. I dont have my first scan to 2 weeks still so I might be off a bit with the date....

I would love to chat to other mums that are pregnant with #3!

I will have 3 kids under 4!

Take Care

Alanna,VIC DD 030503 DS1 290605 & DS2 040407

hey Alanna,

Congratulations, I am now 18 weeks with number 3 I have a son who will be 4 on the 30th March and a daughter who will be 2 on the 10th of December, I am so excited as I just got married and wanted another baby but not so soon after the wedding so it was quite a shock, I have my first scan on Saturday and hoping all is well and and should get more dates.

I am due the end of Febuary, I hope everything is going wonderfully for you and that your not to tired with this pregnancy as I understand how tirering it is with the littles so full on, mine are crazy and when I put them down for a sleep I need one to, lol,

I'd like to give you my yahoo messanger so we can chat there if you want,

Take care and belly rubs

Mel, Bailey 30/3/03, Jaida 10/12/04 & EDD 3/3/07

Hi Alanna,

I am also pregnant with number 3. We are due 21st May - my eldest daughters 3rd birthday. My other daughter was born 10th April 2006, which makes her 5 months.

THat means when this bub is born we will have a 3 year old and two under 2. Lovely.

my MSN is if you want to chat.

Sharon, Kimberley, Jessica, {Angel} & Rebecca

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