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Third time round and gall stones Lock Rss

Hi there!!! I'm a mum of two beautiful boys and had two normal pregnancies... until now. I found out after having labour like pain in my chest area that i'm also the proud owner of gall stones. Is there anyone else that is suffering gall attacks, it would be great to hear from you and anyone else that is expecting their no. 3 bub.
Due 10/11

Can't wait to hear from you!!!
I am xpcting bubs #2 and had gall stonees after having my first bub. I had my gall bladder removed, but still get pain every now and then, but the pain isn't as horrific as it was when I had a gall bladder... What has your doc said? Will you get your gall bladder removed after you have you bub?I hope you aren't getting too many attacks and you have figured out the foods that are triggering them!
I am having my 5th baby but with my 4th I had gall stones and all they could tell me was take buscapan any time that I have pains because they couldn't do anything until the baby was born.
After the baby was born about 3 months down the track they took my gall bladder out. I am so glad because I couldn't take the pains any more so I know what you are going through.
Due 7/11 but hopefully be having it in about 3 weeks.


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