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Help! anyone felt like this?? Lock Rss

Hello i just had a quick question for everyone-

Has anyone ever had a feeling that all doctors/nurses are idiots?

I am justified for feeling like this(read on)
but starting to be scared that if something is wrong i will be treated like "a worried mum" and told its all normal.

When i was 24 weeks preg with my DS(18mths now), i had really bad stomach pains and knew something wasnt right, i went to emergency at 2am and they put me on the monitors and said i was having mild contractions but not to worry and go home.

The rest of the pregnancy i worried and when DS was born, i still felt things werent right. I was checked out a couple of days later and went home.

A week later my son was yellow, wouldnt feed, and had a temp.
I rang maternity and told them all the symptoms- they said it is "perfectly normal for a newborn", not to worry.
I was scared and stressed out, and then when his eyes started to roll back in his head i rushed to emergency.

Anyway to cut a long story short- my newborn had serious kidney reflux, and we nearly lost him.
We spent a long time in hospital and he still has ongoing tests and treatment.

I am terrified this preg. What if i know something is wrong and no one will believe me?

The doctors all think you are paranoid and say it is "normal", for mums to be worried.

Anyone have any advice for me- if i keep feeling like this im going to end up stressed and depressed!

Thanks for listening.

Leish, NSW, 2bubs +1onway

Hey Leisha,

I understand how your feeling, I hate the fact that all through your pregnancy the midwifes say you know your body best and when you think there is something wrong because you just dont feel its right then tell them, But they never listen, I was teated like crap as im a young mum and they look down on you like you dont know anything.

Im very sorry to hear about your son that would have been very scary, and I completely understand how its affecting you this time, I have just started seeing a counciler as I had the feeling I was going to get PND if I didnt start getting my worries out now before the baby was born, I have 2 children already and didnt have PND with either of them I just had a feeling I would get it this time as I had somany worries about the pregnancy. It has helped me as it was someone listening to me not telling me 'oh its normal'.

I recomend if your not happy with what you have been told go to a differant doctor until you are listen to. I have already been through a few doctor and Im only 19 weeks because I felt the first dr justwasnt listening to what I was saying, Like im not an idiot and I know my body, and Ive been pregnant before and know when something doesnt feel right this is your body they dont know how your feeling inside, or whats normal for you.

Im sorry this is so long but I really think you need to be comfortable with your doctor and be able to trust them 100% as this is yours and your babys life in there hands, If they dont listen who is it that is mistreated, not them thats for dam sure they still get paid. I hope everything turns out great this time and you find someone you trust so you dont have to worry its not good to have to be douting your doctor, you need to relax and you cant do that if your double guessing them because they are treating you like you dont know anything.

Ok hope everything runs much more smothly this time for you and your end result a happy healthy baby,

Belly rubs

Mel, Bailey 30/3/03, Jaida 10/12/04 & EDD 3/3/07

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