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How inconsiderate are your family? Lock Rss

Hi all,

Just need to vent please...

On Saturday, it was FIL's birthday and we had a lunch at DH's Grandmothers house in celebration. Now amoung the family members that attended, there are two pregnant women (including me) and three children under 2. It was a hot day in Sydney so they had the aircon on, and there were FIVE adults smoking like chimneys in the closed in aircon space with everyone else! The amount of smoke in the air reminded me of some seady nightclub in the movies!

I was there for only about an hour and I had to go, I felt like I was going to vomit right then, and as I got out to the car I started dry retching!

Why is it so hard for these people to go outside when they want to smoke? What part of DON'T SMOKE AROUND BABIES AND SMOKING WHEN YOU'RE PREGNANT MAY HARM YOUR BABY on their packs don't they understand?

Or do they just not give a rats bum? My MIL has even said I should pay her for the privilege!!

I am clearly gob smacked.

Does anyone else hate the lack of consideration that smokers generally show? (I know not all, my mum won't smoke near me so I realise there are a few who are considerate)

Thanks for letting me vent...

Elle, DS: Kai 20/11/04 & DS: Jamie 13/02/07

Hi elle
that is just so rude i can't believe that they would do such a thing. I don't smoke so if i get visitors they all go outside to smoke which is good all our friends just do it automatically with out even asking. My parents used to smoke all the time around me growing up but with everthing that is known now my dad started to smoke outside even at his own house (he has stopped smoking now). I just don't belive that people would do such a thing esp in this day and age but they do the nerve of some people. aghh.
Just told dh what you wrote and he said that it is so stupid and was shaking his head.
It would have been nicer if they had at least asked if you minded to start with instead of just lighting up.

Hey how are you all.
I agree that people (speacially family can be so disrespectful) mainly cos they think they can.
I have had dramas with family just like you. After we finerly got the 'dont smoke near my child' thing out of the way. It was grandparents thinking they have more power and control and say over your child then you! My parents are control freaks and if you dont let them know where they stand they try to control my family's every move. Thank god i dont live with them, hey.
I mean when i went into labour with my son i asked them to leave the room and they just ignored me several times like i had no say in the matter. I was annoyed the midwife didnt pipe up as my dh and i were in no condition to start a massive fight while i was giving birth. Then they started to take photos after i said No. In the end my dh had to ark up a little and took thier camra and deleted certain nude shots. That was a night mare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just couldnt relax.
Things havent changed much except me and my hubby have stood our ground and wont take the crap. Just like Rachel did, you have to ark up a little sometimes. You may not get the response you want, but you dont let people walk over you cos it will never stop.
Hope things get better
josh 21/10/01 samuel due 07/12/06

joshua 21/10/01 Samuel 03/12/06

Yes it annoys me to high Heaven, I know not all smokers are like this and infact I haven't really come across any inconsiderate ones as late (ppl smoke outside when they come to our house) but I have a few rellys who smoke in their own homes and the place stinks.
Grant and I used to live with a few other ppl (we moved when Hayley was 3 months) and the girl that lived there smoked inside like there was no tomorrow, she smoked in front of me while I was pregnant, and she left stinky ashtrays all over the place.
Before restaraunts had the no smoking ban my dad (aling with other family members) used to smoke at the table when you were trying to eat. Imagine trying to eat a nice steak (or whatever) and only smelling cigarettes, its discusting. Smokers do need to be aware of others around them.

Cassie, mum to Hayley and Skye

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