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When did your baby engage??? Lock Rss

I'm currently 35 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I've just been informed that my little one hasnt engaged yet- infact it's still lying sideways! gasp(

I've heard that your first generally engages up to 6 weeks early, whereas any babies you have after that may not engage until just before the birth.

I was just wondering, how far along was everyone else when they're first engaged???

Can anyone suggest anything that I could do to encourage baby to engage, or atleast get into the right head-down position?

Katie, VIC, Aaliyah Kaylee born 28/11/06 & Mikayla

Hi Katie

I am nearly 35 weeks preg with my second. He has been face down for weeks but still too high aparently.
My first was also head down for weeks before but didn't engage till 38 weeks. I'm not sure what the 'norm' is but i think it is from week 36-38 for first baby ?? So it shouldn't be long for you now...

Apparently don't cross your legs. Lots of squatting to open up your pelvis. Go for lots of walks and lots of going up hills helps. That's what i've been told anyway smile

Good luck !
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