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I am expecting twin girls on the 25 May 2003. I have been told that they will probably come earlier as twins rarely make it to the full 40 wk stage.
This is our first pregnancy and I would really appreciate any tips that you might have to help me out. Not ever having kids before twins is a slightly daunting prospect!!!

Dianne, Qld, twin girls 21mths

Be positive and do a little exercise.
Good Luck, keep us up todate

Lee,QLD,18/12/02 baby girl 26/09/05 baby boy

hi congratulations! i had twins 31 may 2002 they were 5 days early and that was because they planned to do a c-section right from the start. i think as long as you take it easy in the last stage it should be fine but try not to think about it too much because it will drive you nuts. take all the advice you can get and take it as you feel, its your body and you will know your limits. good luck, i feel for you. keep us up to date.

Mel,4yo b, 9mth, twins, bg

Aren't you lucky, I want twins.. the bigger the family produced the sooner was my goal.. unfortunatley we have one so far. Oh, its not regretted.. I absolutely ADORE my little girl.. but would love to experience twins as well.
Does twins run in your family? Or are you over 30? I have heard the later in life you start a family, the more of a chance you have in twins.
I extend my congratulations to you, hope everything goes beautifully for you in labour. Usually doctors suggest labours to be induced few weeks ealier than the 40 week mark as there are more complications with twins. Besides, your tummy expanding at a remarkable size these last few weeks might give you stretch marks, but then again, you maybe one of the lucky ones to have the perfect belly!
Good luck to the four of you.
Thank you so much for your congratulations. Yes I am 30 but the only reason for the late start was that we had so much trouble conceiving in the beginning. Twins does run in both our families however we went through the IVF programme to have our children as the chances of me conceiving naturally are quite minimal. However all the drs have said that if conceived naturally the chances of us having twins was high anyway!!
I must say I do feel huge now at this 30 wk stage and my stomach does seem to be expanding at a rapid rate!! But hopefully with all the baby oil and vitamin E cream I rub into my belly the stretch marks wont be tooo bad. None have showed yet, maybe they are in hiding!!
Good luck for you and I'll keep my fingers crossed for twins for you.

Dianne, Qld, twin girls 21mths

Congratulations on the twins! I am also expecting (identical) twins in June. My doctor will induce me if they havent already arrived by 37 weeks. I have a 14 month old daughter (Marley) who was induced, so that makes me think that these two wont want to come out either. We were so shocked to discover we were having twins since we had no fertility assistance and there is no history of twins in our families. I have days of sheer joy and elation, and then I have days when I remember that neither my mother nor my husbands mother are alive and all my family are interstate and wonder how on earth we are going to manage??? Needless to say, I try not to get nervous and worry too much about the reality, just enjoy the moment, rest, and take good care of myself and hope that everything will just happen the way its meant to. Enjoy the ride, take it easy and GOOD LUCK!
I have 3 girls 8yrs, 5yrs, 3 yrs tried for a boy last try we said now i expecting twins i am now 12 wks feeling tired and sick but excited too! it took a while to adjust to idea but hope all will be ok, due date 4/2/04.
why twins hey im 18 weeks and they think i might be having twins i find out on monday with my ultasound



DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

We are now the proud parents of two more beautiful daughters (DOB 17/06/03), Shaini Sahra and Peri Sabina. 3 under 17 months is no picnic, but so far we are getting through the days by trying to keep a grip on our sense of humour! That would be my advice to all prospective parents (particularly those of multiples) - when the going gets almost too tough - LAUGH OUT LOUD!!! The hardest part is not being able to be left alone EVER. There always has to be at least two people in the house at all times, and preferably another to look after Marley (17 months), particularly when she decides to have a tantrum, which is whenever both my husband and I are each holding a baby. We are still waiting for those first smiles which we hope will also carry us through the tough times - its what we are living for!
WOW that excellent news. i hope everything is going well. i have less than 5weeks to go but i am only having one thank god i don't know how i'll handle an 19month old and a new born so you have given me hope that it is possible.

wishing you all the best

Tracy, NSW,12mth & expecting

Congratulations on the birth of your twin girls its good that all went well for you i am now 14 weeks the time will never come i feel you will be busy and i expect i will when time comes as we have no family around us the hardest part for me will be getting my two eldest daughters off to school with 3 smaller ones in tow i think i will have to laugh alot!! well all that matters now is we end up with two healthy babies even if we get two more girls it doesn`t really matter if all is well.
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