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Ring Test ?? Lock Rss

Hi Girls,

I know this subject has come up alot but i just want to know what your opinion is on it do you belive the results have they been correct for you??
I tried it before with my eldest daughter and it was right, i done it yesterdayand the results were boy! which i am positive its i won't find out til next month 8th Nov when i go for the 4d scan.
So has this worked for you in the past?


Yes mine worked out correct. We did it twice, once early on and then again later in my pregnancy and he is a boy! All the silly little superstitions led to a boy and I still didn't beleive it.
My mil does the cork test which is much the same as the ring test except it is a cork with a needle through it threaded onto a piece of string. She predicted 2 boys which is correct and twins for this pregnancy! I am going for the nuchal screening test today so I'll let you know.

Karly, NSW. 2 gorgeous boys, bubs due 18 May

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