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Anyone had gestational diabetes and/ or obstetric cholestasis HELP? Lock Rss

Hi my name is synni and i am now expecting my third baby in October.
I am just wondering if there is anyone else who has suffered from these ailments during there pg's. I have suffered from them in both of my pregnancies but have never really known much about these conditions. Even though i was hospitalised because of them, when i asked my DR's about it they just gave me vage answers. SO any information would be greatly appriciated!!!...

mum of three girls (99,02,06)

Hi there

Well i had gestational diabetes in my first pregnancy and will find out soon whether i have irt third time round. I was much the same as you there is very little inofrmation around.

I was lucky i only had to control my diet. i went four days over and my son was a healthy 3.6kg.

What side effects did you have?

Adam(07/09/01), Holly(08/07/04) & Matthew(230605)

sorry i didn't get back to you sooner but i unfortunately had a miscrriage over the weekend.
But i can tell you about my past experiences.
I have two girls and i had GD with both of them. With my first it was diet controlled, they were going to put me on insulin but my liver functions test came back extreamly high so they induced me instead that was at 36 weeks. That only side affects of that was that she was born quite small at 5,4oz.
My other pregnancy was not monitered very well and they didn't do the glucose test until i was 30 weeks so my levels were all over the place so it ended up being controlled with insulin. But was still hard to manage and i ended up in hospital to try and bring the bsl down. But because of my cholestasis i went into premature labour at 35 weeks. That baby was born 6,7oz very sick with imature lungs and other complications though fortunanety after a few weeks in intensive care she got better. I did notice that when she was born that her body was all out of proportion with one fat arm and one skinny and so forth. But after a few days that settled down as well.
The dr.s told me that her immature lungs and disproprtiond look was because of the GD.
I was only 8 weeks this time round when the GD was diagnosed but since i have lost the baby that is no longer an issue, except it looks like i will have GD in all my PG's.
My family has alot of diabetes in it so i guess that is why i get it so badly.
Do you have it in your family tree too?
I would love to hear you storie!

mum of three girls (99,02,06)

Hi there

I am so very sorry for your loss. Your time will come again i am sure.

I don't really have much of a story to tell. I will say however that there is very little history of diabetes in our family. I looked at all the possible causes of GD and i fitted none of them and i was only bloody seventeen so it wasn't age.

The stupid thing was i was diagnosed as they say at 28 weeks. I couldn't get information from anywhere and my dr wasn't very helpful. I was told to ring the diabetes australia office here so i did that and they didn't seem to give a stuff either. They say they had a group that met for girl's with GD but nobody everb turned up so eventually i went in there and they were pretty crap. i just wanted to know how to control my bsl but she was talking to me like i was brain dead.

My second pregnancy i had all the sypmtoms all over again but got the three hours bloody test done and apparently didn't have it so who knows. They say they test you earlier if you are at risk but my dr doesn't seem to give a stuff. i go back at 28 weeks so i guess i will get tested then.

Dr's are so dumb!!!!!

Adam(07/09/01), Holly(08/07/04) & Matthew(230605)

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