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pregnant with twins and need all the info i can get for first time mum!! HELP PLEASE!!! Lock Rss

hey all, my name is kim and my partner and i found out a few months ago i was pregnant! yay and surprise! haha, anyway when i went for my 19 week scan 2 weeks ago, we found out we are having twins.... double surprise and yay!!! so i was just wondering if anyone out there has twins or nows of people with twins to help me with information on anything and everything please, its also very daunting as this is out first so very confused.......... all help very much appreciated! thanks

Kim, QLD

Hey Kim,


I too am pg with twins.. however I am only 11wks 5 days.

I have had a little trouble finding much twin stuff esp aussie, however as I am not working atm I have been reading tonnes!!!! I often spend 2-3 hours in dymocks and borders just reading.. beats buying all the books.. lol and if you find a great one then get it… I’e only bought the twins book below and another I found for $4 that retails for 25ish, its great also “best ever baby tips” Karen Bijkersma.. also aussie smile

Have you contacted looked at it’s the multiple association for Australia. Also a really great book written by tow aussie mums called twins Katrina bowman and louise ryan.

Are yours frat or id?
How exciting smile


Hey ladies,
I am pregnant with no. 4 but I had a 14 month old when I had my twins back in 2003, no. 4 wasn't planned and I was very relieved it wasn't twins again!! Not trying to scare you but being your 1st, be prepared! Be ready for sleepless nights, when 1 settles and the other doesn't, don't be afraid to ask for help and don't feel pressured to do anything that isn't working for you like breastfeeding, I tried for 9 weeks then went to the bottle, it was much easier for me, but my 2 girls were alot different in size, so one had a little mouth and the other big, and I had them 6 and a half weeks early. I used to plan 1 thing for every day that I wanted to get done, anything else was an extra! I would just clean the bathroom, or just get 2 loads of washing done, but if you have family support, maybe they can help with some of this stuff. I know with my first bub, it was such a shock to the system, and I thought I was ready for anything, thank goodness I didn't have twins first time around. The best thing I found for all my kids has been a jolly jumper, you don't use it until they are about 3 months old, but it kept mine occupied for ages and it wore them out so much that they would eat and sleep brilliantly, I recommend it to everyone! Also a bouncinette that you can rock with your foot, so that you can eat your tea in peace, by rocking the bouncinette while you eat, kept mine quiet, worked whilst watching TV and everything! Anyway now my eldest is 4 and the twins are 3 they are looking forward to their new brother/sister, and now they are great! Much easier now they are more indepedant! Hope I didn't scare you, good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, hope they don't fight in there too much and keep you awake at night, I think mine did!C-ya

3 beautiful girls and a beautiful baby boy

Hi Kim

I'm Belinda mother to 5 month ID Twin boys Xavier & Zion. I am afirst time mum too. On a positive note I thought i would let you know that i had a trouble free pregnancy & labour with my boys I was induced at 38 weeks and had a VB. Xavier was 5pd 6 and Xavier was 7pd 4. They are great boys have slept through since they were 1 week old, I had planned on breastfeeding them but after 2 weeks had given up, so my boys are bottlefed and are at excellent weights. If you have any questions or would like to know anything please ask.Hope all is going well with your pregnancy. If you wana chat my email is [email protected]


Xavier & Zion 21/6/06 & Levi 5/5/08

Hi Kim,

Congrats... I am the mother of identical twin boys who are now 14, omg was it that long ago.. I did it as a single mum and my advice would be

1. Use all your friends and family. If someone offers to let you have a shower while they watch bubs, jump at the chance. If they offer to wash up, let them. If they ask if you need something done, tell them. The people who are offering genuine support will not be offend and be glad to help. A great spport is system came make the difference.

2. My doctor gave me this advice. If a time comes and you know that you are close to losing control and breaking down, which I sure all new mums feel let alone one with 2 little ones, make sure bubs are fed and dry, put them in their cots, shut the door and walk outside so you cant hear them. When you have calmed down go back and try again. I remember sitting down one night with a bub in both arms and the whole three of us were crying....

3. Enjoy your babies. Twins might be twice the work but they are so special and when you go on have a single bub you will just breeze through it.

Congrats once again.

Amanda NSW

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