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Migraines/Panadine Forte Lock Rss


I think I have a migraine. I say think because its the absoloute worst headcahe i have ever had, its hurts to move and is just constantly pounding and have never had anything like it in my life. Does anyone know if its okay to take Panadine Forte's whilst pregnant? Its like extra strong panadol? I have had this headache since about 3am so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Due May 15th 2007 grin

Hi MissM
I had a headache from saturday til tuesday just gone and my midwife recomennded me to have twoPanadine's not Panadine Forte. If this doesn't help call your local chemist and i'm sure they will be able to help you.


sorry to say but your not allowed panadine forte, the best you can do is have panadol or equivalent (herron etc) you cant even have nurofen. I dont think you can take anything stronger than panadol but you could always ring the chemist and ask the pharmasist if there is anything else that you can take whilst pregnant. hope you can find something to ease the pain
I have been informed by my doctor and also by two chemists that it is ok to have Panadine Forte, I was sceptical and they showed me the drug safe list which hightlighted this.

The doctors have said however not to touch Asprin, Disprin, Nurophen, Ibiphroen (sp)

I suffer migraines and will take panadol first, put a cold compress on my head and put my feet in hot water ( this take the blood away from the head) if this does not work then I will try 1 panadine forte and 1 panadol, if that does not work then at the next 4 hours I take 2 panadine forte.

I have 7 weeks till bub and only got to 2 forte once.

Hope this helps

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