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Any ideas what this could be....??? Rss

I'm almost 39 weeks pregnant and for the past two or so weeks now I have been getting these horrible pains in my tummy, just above and to the left of my belly button.

My tummy goes really hard and tight (like it would if the baby were to push out against it) and it is so painful- it literally feels as though my skin is tearing!

I dont know what to make of it. It's not like a contracting sensation and can last any where from 15 minutes to an hour straight! I seem to get it maybe once or twice a day, some times more.

Initially I just assumed it was the baby moving, but it doesnt seem to be that at all.

And as for Braxton Hicks- well they're not supposed to be painful are they?? (Plus, dont they only occur in your lower tummy??)

Has any one else experienced anything similar?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what it might be???

Katie, VIC, Aaliyah Kaylee born 28/11/06 & Mikayla

Hi! They could very well be braxton hicks! Everyone feels these differently, and some dont feel them at all, but they can definitely stop you in your tracks! When I had Braxton Hicks, I felt them from my upper tummy to my belly button, and sometimes lower. When I was in labour, I felt them in the same spot. I could always tell when i was about to have a contraction cos the baby would roll, then my stomach would contract. If it persists and you are really worried about it, my advice would be to speak to your midwife or doctor - that's what they are there for! If only to put your mind at ease.

kerrie, VIC, DD 12/8/03, DD 12/10/05, DD 14/9/07, DD 4/1/10

Hi Katie,
They say braxton Hicks are not meant to be painful but mine hurt like early labour.
I had the same types of pains you were getting the other day so I rang my friend who is a midwife and she said it was my tummy stretching.
Hope this eases your mind.

Also with the braxton hicks and contractions I not only feel the pain in a ring around your lower belly and back I also contact on the top and sides of my stomach.


Trae 6yrs Caitlyn 3yrs baby boy due 30/12/06

Hi Katie,

They do sound like braxton hicks.

My Braxton Hicks didnt hurt when they first started but once you get a bit bigger and everything is stretched to the max it can be painfull. I started getting stretch pains when the braxton hicks happened due to tightening and this was mainly above my belly button.

Take care and good luck

IUI #3 starting in August

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