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2 weeks to go Lock Rss

Hi, I have 2 weeks to go and cant wait for it all to be over anyone else feel the same

logan & tori

hehe hello there, i have 4 weeks to go and yes i feel the same. i think its because we really wanna see our beautiful babies. do you know if your having a boy or gurl?
HI!! Yay not long now! How exciting!! Is this your first?? I remember those last couple of weeks - i was so impatient and time seems to slow down... but once bub is born it speeds up!! My DD is already nearly 4 months!! Do you know what you r having?
No I dont know what I'm having we wanted it to be a surprise since its our first

logan & tori

Hey girls!

I'm 39 weeks today and I am dying for it to be over with!!

Dont get me wrong, I've had the most straight-forward, uncomplicated and easy pregnancy, and I'm feeling perfectly fine physically, but I am just waaaay too impatient for all of this waiting!!! gasp)

Just had my weekly check-up at the hospital and BEGGED the midwife to tell me that I've already gone into labour without realising and that the baby is only minutes away from being delivered (lol!!!) but she told me, given that my mum was a week overdue with me, the chances of my baby coming early or on time are incredibly slim... therefore I can expect to go a week overdue too!! Grrreat!! gasp(

And yes- I have been nesting for weeks! lol! I vacuum and clean our entire house every single morning now! My latest obsession is cleaning out the pantry! Oh, and on the weekend I also scrubbed down the deck in our back yard! lol!

Katie, VIC, Aaliyah Kaylee born 28/11/06 & Mikayla

I can wait this time i have 7 weeks.I have learnt after 5 thats its nice and quiet while there in there lol.

ds11 ds10 dd9 dd6 dd19mths ds jan26th

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