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Protein in urine? Lock Rss

I had a check up with the doctor this afternoon, as they want to keep an eye on my blood pressure because I have had some major swelling in my legs, hands and ankles. He did a urine test, and it came up with slight protein in my urine. My blood pressure was fine (130/70). He wants me to keep an eye on the BP, and get it checked every few days. Has anyone else suffered from protein in urine and no high BP? Has anyone suddenly got the high blood pressure? My doc said things seem to be ok now, but it can change and get worse so quickly...I am worried now!

hey there, yup i had protein in my urine for about 5 weeks and my blood pressure was going from normal to quite high for a while. i got tested for pre eclampsia but it all came back negative. i just had to watch what i was eating and drinking. i had to cut down on fruit drinks and i was also working mysef to hard. i know it is really woring and its always better to be safe than sorry but just remember to keep as healthy as possible and hopfully evrything will be ok. my protein in my urine was so bad that i had to be on antibiotics before i hurt bubs and myself and now its nearly completly all gone. good luck and let me know how your pregnancy and birth is going cos if i remember right we are due around the same time.
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I am a two-time sufferer of pre eclampsia. I am 22 weeks and just waiting for the signs as it is common to get in subsequent pregnancies if already had it. Protein is a sign, aswell as swelling in face, feet and hands, high blood pressure and fainting/dizziness and blurred vision. I was constantly feeling faint and would feel an attack coming on, would feel dizzy, have white spots over my eyes (blurred vision) and would my first reaction was laying on the ground, wherever I was and breathing it out. I also suffer from palpitations, arythmia and panic/anxiety attacks and overall just do not react well to being a human incubator! haha With early detection and monitoring things are so much easier. Your doctor will discuss with you your options, and like me, many women whom suffer from this, have healthy little bubbies and quite good pregnancies despite the issues. I was allowed to go past my dates twice and the pre eclampsia was not a problem in the end, I know they can do early c/s or induction if it turns to severe pre eclampsia or Eclampsia but bedrest and taking it easy helps as long as your blood pressure doesn't get any worse in the end! Good luck and I am sure you are being well looked after!
Hey everyone, I'm preg with no. 4 I had pre-eclampsia with both my other pregnancies, my first wasn't until the end and they did an emergency c/section because I wasn't big enough to push her out, poor thing came out with a sore on her head from me trying to push so hard, but she was 1 day overdue if there is such a thing, second time around I had twins and they arrived at 32 weeks, I had all the signs of pre-eclampsia again, and they told me to rest with my feet higher than my heart as much as possible just before they came along, now 3rd time around i am 28 weeks and blood pressure has gone up in the last week and they found a slight trace of protein, I have started to drink 250ml of water every hour from when I wake up to when I go to bed, apparently that should help with fluid retention, but it also seems to have flushed out the protein, I still haven't had any swelling this time around, and last check no protein, just blood pressure up a little, maybe that could help others!
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