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Hi there all.

I Have been feeling very low of late and am wondering whether I have pre natal depression. I have a history of severe depression but stopped taking my anti D's when I found out that I was pregnant. Up until the 20 week mark was feeling really good, almost on a natural high, but now have reverted back to my old ways of despondency. I have a great relationship, great kids, just something feels amiss. I have this overwhelming feeling that my partner doesn't love me, thinks I'm fat (was only 47kgs pre conception, now I am nearly 60kgs and I am only 22 weeks. I feel my partner has lost 'connection' with me as we haven't been very 'active' in the bedroom due to my moods. I guess this frustrates him, making him a little gritchy and that in turn makes me feel awful. I feel unmotivated and am not keeping up with the housework and just don't care about anything. Is anyone else feeling this way or have ever had this happen during pregnancy, my other two pregnancies were great for me emotionally and during those two, I had so many problems in my life, I wonder why when I am happy this time, i feel the worst. Thanks Girls.
Hi there,

I have had pre-natal depression, but they didn't do anything about it, because it wasn't picked up til the very end. I have also had post natal depression.

With pre-natal depression, I hated everything and everyone. I didn't want to do anything thought my husband hated me and if he was trying to make a joke with me, I thought he was being horrible and treated me stupid. I also wanted to do stupid things, like get the baby out by myself anyone I could. I would think about cutting it out myself. Not that I ever carried any of my thoughts out, but I still had irrational thoughts.

I am 21wks preg with my 4th bub and yesterday I had a day similar to yours. Everything was too hard and I felt like crap. I thought negative thoughts about my husband and the girls. But at the end of the day, 5.30pm I told myself that I am not going to be this person (negative), so I got up and did some fun things with the girls then I had a nice chat with my husband.

I don't know if you have pre-natal depression only a doctor can help you there, but maybe it is just everything going on in your life right now. If you want to chat more my email is [email protected] Please talk to your doctor about your feelings. It might help you feel better.

Take care

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Im 36 weeks pregnant and i think i have pre-natal depression because i feel a lot like i did when i had post-natal depression.

I am afraid to put on weight and if i do i get really depressed all the time (i lost 11kg in the first trimester and have now only put on 3.5kg).

Sometimes i just get really down and cry for no reason and am convinced my husband doesnt love me. If he works late or is crude to me on the phone im convinced hes having an afair (even though i know deep down he isnt) and i just dont see how he can find me attractive becuase i feel so fat.

Im always tired and cant do any house work. I get fustrated easily with my son although i love him to death and his cuddles and smiles make me smile and laugh as well.

I just dont really enjoy being pregnant although i like the out come. Lately i have been "wanting this baby out" because i want my body back and the hormones to go away.

Your not alone believe me! I did some research for nursing studies and found a place in WA (where i live) that helps people with pre and post natal depression. Until then i didnt know prenatal depression existed but apparently it is EXTREMELY common, just most people dont realise they have it and tie it down to "pregnancy blues" and other such ailments.


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