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I am wondering who else has had this done and when the pain goes away!
My friend suggested the xx and now i need something to sooth it... TMI i know but this was the first time i've ever done it and just need some advice please.

Thanks in advance.


A luke warm bath always works...especially if they use the tee tree cream afterwards i always find that stuff tends to make it worse
Hi there.

I had a scare just before I fell pregnant. Had shaved down there and a few days later noticed a small lump, got a little worried when a few days later it was much bigger, so went to the doctor, she said it was nothing to worry about. The next day I woke up and it was huge, red, hot and burning, could not walk properly, looked awful. Went back to my (NEVER AGAIN FEMALE DOCTOR) who took a swab and as I was limping out of the office said that it would go away in a few days (still without letting me know what it was). The next day, my pain was so severe, I COULDN'T walk and my DF had to carry me in to emergency at the hospital, at first they thought that it was Bartholins Gland cyst which is quite common I hear, 3 days later after being pumped with antibiotics via drip, having a catheter in place and crying from the pain (I had numbing gel, sedatives and pain killers, even morphine didn't work) I was told that it was an ingrown hair and because I shaved!!! I couldn't believe it, I was prepped for surgery (for shaving lol) quite embarassing, and moments before I was due in the op theatre, it popped! Thank god, because two days later I found that I was pregnant. I now have a small scar in the region, and now get a wax every 4 weeks, is much more painful than shaving but apparently is much better for ingrown hairs than using the old razor!!! haha

I have sorta the same question on this taboo lol subject

I have shaved down theres for a couple of years and all is good . I am now 32 weeks pregnant and cant see past my ever growing stomach lol too shave . I have looked at all the creams and waxes and stuff on the market and dont know were to start , i dont really want to go to a proffessional place and all as i am concerned of the embarrassment let alone the pain ;0(

Sooooooo where to start are there any cream type products that are ok for down theres cos all i have read state not for use on genital area only bikini line and i really want to get it all off as i have done over the previous years .

Cool , i await some help as im getting desperate to take care of this business especially if i go into early labour and all .


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