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Can your birth plan involve walking in the hospital door and.... Lock Rss

DEMANING AND EPIDURAL. i'm a complete wuss i have almost no pain tolerance at all and i don't care if i go through the whole labour not being able to feel a thing.

I wanted to know how early into things can you get an Epi?
I don't know how early on in labour they will give you an epidural. I had an epidural after 17 hours labour and they didnt hesitate to give me one when I said I WANT AN EPIDURAL NOW.

Sorry I can't be of any help. Good luck.

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Last year I watched 'Maternity Ward' whilst expecting DS. I saw alot of women getting epidurals when they didn't even look as though they were in labour, but I was assured by my midwife at the time, that that would only happen in America. Apparently you have to be atleast 5cms to receive one here. That's what she said and she also said that alot of women come in expecting one as soon as they get a few contractions...WELL NO WONDER!!! haha
Hi, I had an epidural with my first the midwives were telling me to have one because of my blood pressure being so high, but I went without for as long as I could, when they finally gave it to me, it worked for a bit, then I got a window, so I could feel my tummy but not my legs or waist! They then had to do an emergency c/section, I had to have a spinal cause I was frantic that I could still feel everything!! I didn't have to pay for anything because I had all my babies at the public hospital, medicare covered everything I suppose, and I had a good run with the public system. Now with no. 4 I will have another elective c/section.
Have fun and enjoy the pregnancy while you can don't stress too much!

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Usually they wait until you are 5 cm dilated before giving an epi. It may also slow down your labour, although mine actually sped mind up.

In my birth plan I had that I didnt want to be offered pharmatological (ie drugs) pain relief unless I asked for it, and definately didnt want pethadine.

QUOTE" I just wanted to say that in my opinion birth plans are a waste of time! I dont think you have any idea what your birth will be like, or what drugs you will want, or what position you want to give birth in until you are there."

I tend to disagree. Sure with your first it is hard to know what will happen. But there are a lot of things besides position and medication in a birth plan. I had quite a detailed one for my VBAC and it was read by all concerned and basically everything was adhered to. I didnt say "I must do X" or " must have Y" but there were a lot of things regarding the care and handling of my baby that I did want done my way.

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