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What vehicle do other 4 kid families drive? Help please! Lock Rss

Hey everyone, hope all is well. I am pregnant with no. 4, we have a 4 1/2 year old and twins that are 3 1/2. Obviously now we don't fit into our dual cab hilux anymore, when we all want to go somewhere, I was wondering what experience other people may have had with different vehicles. We have been looking at the Kia Grand Carnival, which sounds great but I am worried about buying parts down the track, and don't know enough about them with their track record, as in how often they break down etc. We would ultimately like a 4WD Toyota Landcruiser wagon, but can't justify the price at the moment, and they don't seem to have as much room in the back as what the Kia does. Has anyone got a Toyota Prado? Are they any good at towing stuff? Would love to hear from anyone's experiences with vehicles, would be greatly appreciated! Anyway have fun and enjoy the pregnancies while you can!!

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We transport 4 and are about to add 1 more in our converted Mitsubishi station wagon with extra seats put in the back. Our problem is that in a couple of years the seats in the back will be too high for the kids and we are then going to buy a 4WD - probably a second hand diesel Prado or Pajero.

My brother has a Kia Carnival and finds it excellent - roomy, good price, drives well, and he is quite fussy about the quality of cars.

good luck!

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I don't have 4 children (number 3 is on the way and woudl like to have a number 4)..but my husband and I recently went looking for a people mover/7 seater vehicle. They are quite expensive aren't they...we have decided to hold off purchasing one until we need it.

We looked at the Trajet, the Mitsubishi Grandis, Honda Oddessy, Prado, Territory, and the Tarago.

The Honda and Grandis are very similar- quite a comfy car...but there is not much storage room once you are using all the seating. The Trajet is similar...very little room...not enough for a pram and bag sort of thing. These would all be ok I guess if you had a roof mounted luggage pod and you could pack more sparingly than I do.

The thing I don't like about the 4wd vehicles is the height...lifting a bub and toddler in and out would just about kill my back...let alone climbing into one when I am heavily pregnant. Otherwise the Prado is quite a comfy relos have one and have no trouble towing their boat etc around with it.

The best we found for seating and storage was the Tarago...but they are very expensive.

Thanks sooo much to everyone! It's so good to hear these reports about the Kia, I was wondering about the parts situation, apparently the motors are made in Korea, so I was thinking that is a long way to get parts from over there!! We still are unsure about the 4WD, we are currently selling the place we live on which has 15km dirt road, so when it rains especially you NEED a 4WD, if we buy another place with a lot of dirt I think we will invest in the Cruiser, if we don't have so much dirt, maybe Prado, but I still really like the Kia with all the room, it seems to have more room than the Cruiser even. Anyway thanks again to everyone, it's good to know some of the bad stories as well as the good ones! My pregnancy is still going well by the way to those who were asking, I don't think this baby sleeps at all sometimes!! Which is good to feel the movement, reassures me that everything is alright. Hope everyone else is going well too!

3 beautiful girls and a beautiful baby boy

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