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31 weeks but measured 33.... Rss

I had my appointment today and the midwife was measuring me up when she said that this was going to be a BIG BABY!! so now i'm worried because my last DD was nearly 8 pounds.

So i was wondering if anyone else has been told this and had a big baby cos now i'm worried and don't really know what to do. I guess maybe jus hope he might come early.

Turns out that he is nearly engagged any way.



My fundal height is always too big for my dates too- eg last visit it was 28 at 26 weeks- and yes I have had two big- long bubs- one was 4560g the other was 4170g both were 53cm long.
I was told with my first baby that he was going to be huge because i was so big and he was only 6p 10 oz.I have had 3 6p 10 1 7p 11 and the last one was only 5 p so its hard to tell ...good luck

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