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Breast size changes?? Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

I am 23 weeks preg with my third and my breast have become enormous, gone from a 10b to a 12DD (and still growing) already and only still early on. I had my son last year and my breasts went to a 12c when milk had come in, and with my first I only went to a 12a when milk came in. I am so worried that they are going to get heaps bigger when milk comes in as they have already changed in size so much. Is it common to change so much with each pregnancy?
the average size differnce from pregnancy is 3 cup sizes. i was a 10e, and went up to a 10f at the start of my pregnancy. by the birth and my milk came in i was busting out my 10f bra, but couldnt find any bigger.
now its been 4.5months and i stopped bf at 5 days after birth, and they are still 10f.

i hope they settle down for you, i hate buying all new bras all the time, but that is because they cost me around $100 each.. argh i cant afford it, im still in my maternity ones
Hi ladies, I am preg. with no. 4, I had a 14 month old when I had twins, now the twins are 3 1/2 they won't quite be 4 when I have this one. With my first I went from a 10D to a 12E, I stopped BF when she was 6 months old and fell with the twins, I went from the 12E to a 12F, then only BF for about 2 months, I went back to a 12DD, now with this one I have gone to a 12E, I hope that I shrink afterwards, but I also hope that I don't get any bigger with this one E cup is quite big enough!! F is just ridiculous!! I also hope that I shrink again, DD is big enough too! I HATE bra shopping, I paid $100 for 2 pairs, and one of those is like a crop top, it's hopeless, and that was the cheaper of the two, even normally I can't just go anywhere and get a bra, and if you want one with no wire, it's nearly hopeless. I have even contemplated starting a bra line, for the bigger busted, but don't know where to start, I think I could make a fortune selling cheap bras for the bigger busted! Anyway I just had to put in my 2 cents worth about the subject, hope all goes well with your pregnancies, all the best!

3 beautiful girls and a beautiful baby boy

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