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hi all. well where do i start, i am 25 with a ds who is 4 and a dd who is 9mths old i aslo have one on the way not to sure of the exact date but late july early august im due..

im just really scared of how its going to be with to babies at once.. i thought it was great the age gap between my ds and my dd..

i was on the depo but was a few days late to go and get it and i fell in between. it was a real shock when i found out i was having another baby..

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Hi you will be fine i had my first 3 in 3 years they are now 10-9 & 8 i also have a 5 year old and a 14 month old and am due in 5 weeks with #6.I think it was eaiser with my first 3 being close together than it is with the gaps... Good luck with your pregnancy

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Hi, I am 25 preg with no 4, you would be surprised what you can deal with when you have to, I had a 14 month old when I had twins, they are now 4 and 3, they will be 5 and nearly 4 when this one comes along, if it doesn't come too early. I was freaked out a bit at the start, but when the twins came along, it was just do what needed to be done, now they are really close and hopefully it will stay that way, and now they are a bit older to understand about this next one coming along too. My eldest was very good too when the twins came along, I made a bit of an effort to make sure she was involved as in getting me a nappy or their dummy, just simple stuff, cause she couldn't handle anything else, and made sure I let her cuddle them and talk to them, not shut her out while I focused on the other 2. It was time consuming though but all worth it in the end I think. Now I am excited about this next one, because I should be able to enjoy it a bit more, it will be a breeze after having twins!! Don't fret too much, just take each day as it comes. Good luck!

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