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prem labour Lock Rss

Has any1 ever been told theres a possible chance that u may go into prem labour and given the injection to mature your bubs lungs just in case?
im 28 1/2 weeks, and i have been getting cramps the last couple of days, but nothing regular. the midwife gave me the 2 injections just in case i go onto labour, and told me to go home and rest . any advice. im a bit worried.

hey jodi
firstly i was told at 22 weeks i will be lucky to make it to term and i didnt make it i had my dd at 26 weeks. here is my email
[email protected] please email me and i will put u onto a group of girls who have had premmies, like my self.

cheers kaz

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

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