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Hi Everyone,

I am 20 weeks pregnant with my second baby and am looking at buying a breast pump so I can express milk to feed my baby, however there are so many different types out there I dont know where to start. Can anyone recommend any good ones they have used? It is all so confusing. Thanks heaps.

i got given an electric NUK one. i use it once a week or so and havent had problems with it. it gets the milk out easily and has different suction levels.

id say wait til you have your bub to get one though, you never know what will happen with feeding, you might not even end up needing one.

Hi, I am preg with no. 4, I used the Avent Breast pump with my first 3, it got used so much last time around that all the sterlising discoloured the flower part. I had twins last time around and they were very early and I couldn't feed them at the breast because it wore them out too much, so I had to express and they got fed through a tube for the first 3 or 4 weeks. It was an excellent non electric pump, so I could take it and use it anywhere if need be, I could also put a bag straight in it and freeze the bag. Unfortunately I sold my last one, thinking that we weren't having any more, now I have already bought another one and they now come with a container that you can fill to freeze or keep in the fridge, or you can attach the teat to it and feed it straight from that bottle. They look a good size container too, so later I think I will be putting mashed food in there to freeze aswell. I recommend the Avent Isis pump to anyone that I know is pregnant and wanting to express! They are a bit expensive, but I think worth it in the end, there are also alot on ebay, some are brand new if you don't want a second hand one. You might get a good bargain. Anyway good luck with this one, and have a great Christmas!

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I have an Avent Isis Natural breast is great. I used it every day with my second bub and will use it with the next bub. It is easy to use and assemble...and comes with some spare parts.

I found I had a quick letdown of milk when I used it, and I liked that because it was manual I could control the amount of suction easily.

Avent! Avent! Avent!
Loved my Avent! So comfortable and easy to use! I can't remember exactly, but at the time the baby shop recommended the Avent one because it had a feature on it that the other ones on the market didn't have that made it that much more comfy... I don't remember what the feature was though... maybe the soft plate that goes over your nipple? Never regretted the purchase though! Oh, it was a manual one.

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