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Finding out the sex of your baby Lock Rss

Hi, My name is Nadene and I am 26 years old and am pregnant with my first, I am due at the end of April. My 19th week scan is on Monday the 1st December, I have decided to find out the sex of my baby but my husband is in two minds about it. Every one that we talk to says not to find out but I really want to. The hardest thing is hearing famil say not to find out, thats when I get doubts finding out. Keeping it a secret will be easy for me but it is buying stuff that I have to hide until the baby is born that will be hard (nosey family). Can any one give me their experiences on finding out or not finding out?
Hello we always said we would never find out but then when I was pregnant we both really wanted to know. We knew we were having a boy which made things a lot easier when buying things. What you can do is tell people you dont know when in fact you do. You then buy the boy or girl things and put them a different box (we used a huge plastic container I bought at a discount store for $20.00 which I just lined with tissue paper) and keep it either in your room or the garage so nosey people dont find it. I also bought things that were for either sex and these were the things I left in his room. Remembering the scans can be wrong I didnt go over board on all the boy things anyway. I sticked to white, lemon and mint. Many people got angry because we wouldnt tell them and I just thought tuff this is our baby not yours and it is none of your business. People also tried and tried to catch us up asking do we know what the sex is so we use to say yes we do but we are not telling anyone. So then they would say what names have you picked hoping you would say a name showing what the sex was. We had a book that had baby names in it which we had highlighted the names we liked. Someone found this on our table and decided to go "spying" in this book to see what sex name we had decided on. The only problem was for them we had both male and female names as the scan is not always 100% right. They thought we were that stupid but still it was an invasion of our privacy. We even had a girl I work with invite her self over one day to see my nursery. The only thing she was interested in was what clothes were in the wardrobe. You should have seen her face when it was all in basic colours. I found out so I could bond with it and find names that I could speak to it when I was pregnant. I didnt regret it. Having said that a friend of mine also found out what she was having and not only told me the sex but the name it was going to have. I knew for months so when she was born it really spoilt it for me. What do you say when you hear she had the baby? What sex is it? and what did she call it ? It was such an anti climax. Then years later a friend of mine had her scan on video and asked did I want to see it. I was so excited I couldnt wait. Only problem is right in the middle of watching this little being bopping around the screen you hear a voice say and there is his penis! Just like that the surprise was gone. I was really enjoying that video until that moment. So when he was born yet again another anti climax. It is a major decision so think very carefully about it before you decide. If you are not too sure on the day then take an envelope with a piece of paper in it and ask the person who is doing the scan to write the sex on the paper put it in the envelope and then seal it. This will give you extra time to be sure you really want to know. If not just tear it up and throw it away. What ever you do just make yourself happy this is your moment and your pregnancy so dont be rail roaded by anyone. Good luck with what ever you decide.
Hi Nadene,
Hopefully you will make a decision that is right for you and your husband..and nobody else...
We chose not to find out the sex of our child as we wanted that nice surprise and wanted something to look foward to at the end of the hard labor. I remember asking "what is it?" We were blessed with a gorgeous boy... Also I didn't want to be let down if the scan was wrong, so we played the guessing game for 9 months. Good luck.
when i found out that i was pregnant with my baby (which is my first) i was also told by everyone that i shouldnt find out that i should let it be a surprise, when my partner and i spoke about the sex of the baby he didnt want to know what it was either and when i told him i was going to find out he said that i had to keep it a secret from him and everyone else and what ended up happening was that he was in the room when i went for my scan and the doctor told me that i was having a girl when he heard that he was over the moon and glad that i wanted to find out but when it came to buying clothes for our little girl i just simply told my family that they couldnt see the clothes and things cause it would give it away in the end they caved and wanted to know the sex too ( it all got a bit much for them to handle knowing i knew made it worse hehehe:) )

renee edd 14.12.03

Hi there,

I am pregnant with my second child (due in 5 weeks). I have found out the sex with both of my pregnancies. There was a lot of pressure first time around not to, but I did what was right for me at the time. I am glad I did, as I feel it gave me more of a chance to prepare myself for having a baby around. Second time around, I have found out again. In my opinion, it is easier to prepare a 2 year old toddler to the idea of a baby coming if you can call the baby by their chosen name from as early as possible. So in my case, we talk to Sean about baby Jamie, and how he's going to have a little brother, and what a special big brother he will be etc etc.


Nadene I found out the sex for both of my children & it was great knowing. Problem is I could n't keep it a secret & some people found it a bit strange that I was happy to tell people but I didn't care. I think that is what it's all about - you & what you want not anybody else. Do what you think is right for your family. We found it great knowing as we could buy al the things we needed & it made the pregnancy very special. Choosing a name was more realistic & the excitement of seeing wahat our baby looked like was just as exciting after the birth as finding out if it was a boy or girl. Our first was a boy & was quite obvious from the 19 week scan & I had an amnio with our girl & did the full genetic test - all was ok & it confirmed it was a girl - so it couldn't actually be wrong.

Anyway best of luck with your decision

Mum 4 1/2 boy & baby girl 12 months (on Dec 21st)

Hi all.

I wanted to find out the sex for my first because I really wanted a boy (sorry if that sounds mean) I wouldn't have been dissapointed if it wasn't a boy but just had a feeling. Not to mention I didn't like any of the girls'names I had heard or read in a book.

Anyway I wanted to find out.. thing was my baby didn't want me to know.. he would be an a position where we couldn't see or he'd tumble around when we were trying to spy... so in the end I really loved the surprise I had when I asked what is it? in the birthing suite.

With my second I wanted to find out because I had to find names and, as I said before, there weren't any girls names that I really liked.I found out it was a girl (for sure) and so forced me to decide on a name. I knew I liked 'J' names for girls (don't ask me why). So in the end i decided on Jaymie. My son was named Zachary and to make it easier on us- Jaymie had my middle name and Zac was given his dads middle name.

Just remember to make this babies life (boy or girl) your and your husbands decision.. not the family.. they are meant to be there for support not to TELL you what you should do.. only if you ask for it.

CU round.

Susan, QLD, mo2 = B3y4m & G18m

I am pregnant with my 5th baby and have been able to find out the sex with each one. I like to plan the cloths, room decore and especially the name - this is very important to me - I'm lucky to have the 100% support of my husband and family. At the end of the day it really doesn't matter if the baby is a boy or girl what matters is that they are healthy and happy. Way up the pros and cons to finding out with your husband and then make youe desion. In 20 weeks or so you'll find out anyway!! waiting wont kill you, might drive you nuts though!

Good luck

Ruvay, Salisbury Brisbane, mother of 6

Hi Nadene,
I have a 6 month old baby girl & we didn't find out her sex during pregnancy. We both wanted to be surprised & it was really special when she was born to be told we had a beautiful daughter. We bought mainly white clothes during the pregnancy & decorated the nursery in lemon with blue gingham. Whenever I dreamt about my baby in pregnancy, I dreamt about a girl & in my waking moments I felt I was having a boy. Maybe she will be a bit of a tomboy? We truly didn't have a preference. Just about everyone told me I was having a girl. In the past couple of days I've been thinking about the decision to find out the sex & I'm of two minds. On one hand it is the most precious surprise ever to not find out. I also thought that if God intended us to find out, we would have a window looking into our belly. You also don't have the stress of worrying about others finding out if you don't won't them to (I would have found this very stressful). On the other hand, how beautiful would it be to know that you were not only carrying a baby, but to know that you were carrying your first daughter or your first son. I think that it is absolutely a personal choice that only you & your partner can decide. Best wishes & please let us know what you decide!
Hi All, Nadene here, I had my 19th week scan yesterday and it was amazing. everything is normal size and baby is moving around like a trouper. I asked the lady if she knew what sex the baby was and she said that she had an idea of what it was but needed to have another look to be sure, my husband did finally decide to find out as well after my asking her. She had another look around the pelvic area but said baby was being un-co-operative but she is fairly certain we are having a girl. My husband and I talked after we had the scan and decided to tell people what we were having so we can start preparing for our special occasion. The due date is now the 23rd April 04. Thank you for your kind words and advice. Nadene
It always amazes me when people use that old one about ruining the "surprise" by finding out your baby's sex. I am pregnant with my third child, and have found that knowing who is inside of me ruins nothing. What it does do is allow me to focus on the baby as a little person. This has been amazingly important as I have had three horribly difficult pregnancies. I'm not suggesting that people who wait shouldn't, I just think its one of those times where others shouldn't be advocating their own opinions over yours. Being pregant is such an emotional experience, and, unfortunately, sometimes the enthusiasm and well meant advice of others makes things feel alot more complex. The best piece of advice I was ever given was this - If you do decide to take advice take it only from one or two sources, preferably parents you know well and think are doing a good job. Like the rest of us, they'll make mistakes, but at least things will be consistent. As for every one else, smile nicely and take it all with a grain of salt.
Both my fiance and i wanted to find out the sex of our baby, unfortunatley when we had the scan, the baby was moving around quite a lot and the lady couldn't get a clear pic! Apparently she said it "looks"" like a girl, but was only 80% certain. I only have two weeks to go before my due date but still really want to know!
I don't think it matters if you find out the sex or not, it's up to you. We wanted to find out because it would have been easy for us with buying clothes, choosing names etc...

Mummy to Talana Michelle Kimberley (13/12/2003)

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