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full of questions Lock Rss

i have been finding it really hard to get comfy i am 37 w 6d and am finding it really hard to cope i have tryed the pillow inbetween the legs i have tryed using my partner to lean on and still find it hard to sleep can anyone give me some suggestions as to what i can do cause its getting unberable.
The next question i have is in your last couple of weeks i have found that im having a lot of pain and when i tell me doctor on my visits she just says oh yeah and leaves it at that when i went with my mum for her ante-natal visits they were giving her internals almost every week to see how she was progressing all my doctor is telling me now is that babys head is engaged and thats shes doing fine but i want to know weather or not im starting to get anywhere concidering the last time i had an internal she sent me to the hospital cause i was showing all the signs of being in labour so can someone help me out and tell me what i should do

renee edd 14.12.03

Hi Ruby, I'm forty weeks (and two days and waiting anxiously!) and only had my first internal examination yesterday, so I think that's normal, but if you want one you should ask for one and if they don't want to give you one you should see a second doctor. I've swapped to seeing the midwives at my hospital because they've got more time to spend with you than the obstetrician. I've found that since the baby head is engaged it's been more painful to walk around.
Hope that helps a little,

Helen, Vic, first baby on way

thanks for that starrie its just funny how diffrent doctors do things diffrently i spose. yeah my babys heads been engaged since 28 weeks and still nothing

renee edd 14.12.03

With the sleeping thing, I tried heaps of things, in the end it was a small flat pillow that filled all the gaps between belly and mattress thet did the trick.

Fiddle around until you get the right spot.

For the other thing.. if you are unsure, get advice if you don't like the advice get a second opinion, there is more than one doctor where you live I'm sure. If you want an internal find a qualified doctor who will do an internal. For peice of mind for mums to be Doctors should do as they're asked I believe. If they do this, then they won't have a high blood pressure, anxious, worried and depressed mother to be... stick to your guns and get what you want.

Susan, QLD, mo2 = B3y4m & G18m

Hi Ruby,
I was huge at the end of my pregnancy & also found it really hard to relax & get comfortable. I found that lighting a candle, turning out the lights & having a bath before bed helped a bit in relaxing me for trying to sleep (I got my husband to help me in & out of the bath). I know also that because I was so big, I couldn't really do a lot so I felt that my body probably didn't need as much sleep as long as I was getting some time rest. I was a private patient & didn't have an internal until 40 weeks. The internal didn't help at all & in fact only resulted in heavy bleeding from my cervix. If I was you, I wouldn't worry too much about having the internal. Trust in your baby & your body. You will labour when your baby is ready.
Good luck!
Hi there

I'm just on 36 weeks along and have been having quite a lot of trouble with lack of sleep due to not being able to get comfortable. What I find works for me is to lie on my left side with a thin pillow under my belly and between my knees and I also have a thicker pillow behind my back so that if I roll over at least I'm not flat on my back.

As for the internal - I am using midwives rather than a doctor and haven't had any internals yet. They do things a lot different these days as opposed to how they did things with our mums. Like somebody else said I would just trust your baby and your body, but if you are really worried I would definately get a second opinion.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy ... and try to rest up as much as possible.

Debs, NZ, Mum to Rory born 19/01/04

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