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premmie baby 14 weeks too early Lock Rss

hi kaz its been a while since I was on the site. Things are looking great for Caitlin and yourself. I started back at work full time so now I am just really tired and don't have a great amount of time on my hands. Peter is growing well as far as we are concerned but the paediatrician is concerned about his weight. He has not put on any weight for 8 months,he is getting taller but that is it.We have been through a lot the past year with the scare about his blood test and the podiatrist. He now has orthotics in his shoes and it has made the biggest improvement in his walking and running. We found out he has bigger problems with his legs then what we first thought. He has hyperflexation of his joints made worse because of the way he was walking, things are looking really good now for him. I can't belive he turned 2 in February. Time goes by so quickly. I would love to go to the web site you have set up to see more photos of the beautiful Caitlin, and send some of Peter in the SCN when he was born. Chat soon. Letitia.
hey letitia,
man thats great i havent herd from u in a while...
this is my email
please email me or add me to msn and i will pass the site on..
thanks kaz
will talk again soon as im off to bed....

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

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