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premmie baby 14 weeks too early Lock Rss

hey guyz..
im hopping shes almost home...yeah i know once again today i had like 3 hrs of cuddles.....
her sats were all settled while she was sleeping on my her dady was holding her and she couldnt get cumfy.
so hayley, whats ur bros name? i might know him..
hey mummy 1300 no offence here. just letting u know i dont take her for granted..
i think i know the reason why caitlins belly was upset, their giving her reheated milk...i found out today and i wasnt happy.ill give her two weeks whats the bet guys when she is coming home?
lol tepe come on u lost the last bet have a better go at this one!

im guessing about the 8 feb, due date is about the 15 or 17 cant remember now?
bets anyone?

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

Hi Kaz,
I'm so pleased to hear of Caitlins progress. It's exciting to go into a cot but also a little scary. Things just move so quickly now. i'm sure it feels like another lifetime ago when you were in hospital having her and from now its just go, go, go. Hope your ready. i'm sure you are really looking forward to evry new adventure now.
It must be really reassuring to know that Caitlin is perfect just born little. Enjoy her.
Flick - You wont have a worry in the world I'm sure. Girls are so much stronger than boys. (Sorry to mums of little boy babies).
Sounds like you have lots of support down at the Gong Kaz.
Take care of your miracle

Fiona, NSW

check out
they have clothes, chat, all sorts

Jasmine, 8 months

Hi Kaz,
That is terrific news about Caitlin. My bet is the 4 Feb. When Jordy came home I stayed in hospital for about 5 days before the big day so that we could both get used to each other 24/7 and this meant night feeds.
There were also advantages like my mother in law came and cleaned my house "spotless" to bring our angel to. Hows her leg?
I had a look at that website that Steph suggested and it was good but from USA. It had a link to and australian site called and had heaps of useful and relevant information and stories.
Let me know WHEN I win the bet. I think you should be getting lots of sleep now because when she comes home.......................
Take Care

Fiona, NSW

Hey she will be home b4 ya know it!!

My bros name is michael!!
that would b da cause of her upset stomach! u fink that they wouldnt b allowed 2 do that coz they advised me to throw any left ova milk away!! these nurses have double standereds LoL !! i reckon da 1st smile
Btw how much does caitlin weigh now?? and who were ur friends at OFs high smile
hey guyz,
well the big day hubby and i were in the hospital first thing! and the doc said she can only go in a crib if she weighs 1760 or more....well we weighed her and she was 1720 at first and we all said that cant be we restarted the scales and dam to my eyes she was 1760 excat....not 1 gram under nor over shes in a cot and keeping her body temp too..
still on 22mls..
hey cody. michael i new a few michaels.
i hung around michelle..and the derros....pff i cant stand them..

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

Michelle and tracey???

thats good news than that shes in a cot smile
Hi everyone,

Hoping Caitlin is still going hard and i attempt her home date...OK, 2nd of Feb, as someone already got the first!

Congratulations Flick, your first girl, you will love it!!! Hope to see you around,

Take care everyone,

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

hey guyz..
havent been keeping u all updated...sorry had a run in with one of the mid wifes and now im keeping a close eye on them...that means spending 12hr or more a day.........
they heated her milk up and then left it sitting there for 4 hrs then was going to give it my the tube, no way i was shocked.
but now she is in the cot i think i have said before and belive it or now she now weighs 1795....not much i just wanna reach the 1.8 kg!
it seems like foreva that were sitting on the 1700 mark@!
well guyz gotta run...
by the way i cant see her home next monday FINGERS CROSS ( have another guess) their going to try and get her off ox in the next few days and she is still on full sucking feds only 2 or 3 a day!

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

Hi Kaz,

Wow i don't blame you for keeping an eye on whats happening! That could have been disasterous!

You wait, she will have a big jump in weight soon, she is probably just building up all the energy!!

OK so new estimate is 15th Feb!

Take care,

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Thats not good about the midwifes!! But i never liked them wen i was in wollongong either!! there was 1 nice 1 n the other were very mean ...well how bout the 11th of feb than!!! Good luck wid everyfing and hopefully shes home soon!! smile
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