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OMG could it be 3 under 3 Rss

Ok well... I have two gorgeous boys... ones 2 and ones 13 weeks. We were planning to have a 3rd but not for another three or four years. Well i still havent had my period... thats ok i thought... some ppl dont get a period while they are breast feeding... well i have started to feel ill... so i thought well ill just do a pregnancy test to make sure... and sure enough 2 lines came up.... it was very very faint but it was there....

im going to do another test in a couple of days to check again just incase it was a shadow line... Its a lot earlier than what we planned.... a lot lot earlier... and my new baby would onyl be 10.5 months old.... sheesh... i dont know how i will handle three so close together smile I guess i will find out if the next test comes up positive

sheesh smile


Wow, you must be excited/nervous? Your post has made me want to be a bit more careful now. I'm breastfeeding but not on any contraception and still no period.

It would be nice to have their ages close though whe they gorw up together. But really hard at first!

Can't wait to hear your test result in a few days.

Good luck

Hi i had my 1st 3 in 3 years and they are now 10-9 & 8 its great hard work while they are small but as they get older they are the best of friends......Good luck

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I'd be messing myself... have you done another test yet??? My MIL had 4 under 2!! Had SIL fell pregnant straight away, 10 months later had twin boys (one is my DH) and then fell pregnant straight away again and had other SIL 11 months later...i think thats about right...eekk! Keep us posted...

Jade, QLD, DS Sept 04, #2 due 06/08/07

Wow how scary,
I know exactly how you are feeling , I have a 2 1/2 year old and have just found out we are expecting TWINS........ What more can I say??
As well as an eleven year old. I think I am over the whole shock thing now, but I know it will be a huge year for us now that we are very excited

keep me posted


11yrg, 3yrb,17week twinb

Hi KarinaL,

Im just wondering how you went at the doctors? This is my second month of faint positives that turn negative in a few days in which to find out there is no pregnancy at all.

I just wanted to see if there was hope after all!!!

I would love to hear from you...

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