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make it happen Lock Rss

Hi, im due next friday but im getting really impatient. Baby has been engaged for bout 3 months, its healthy and ready but i think it likes it in there too much! Doc says if i havnt had it by monday he will induce me tuesday or wednesday but he thinks it will happen on its own before then. I had a false alarm last week and having been trying everything to start it off, anyone got any suggestions?
Apparently (or so my male doctor tells me) sex can bring on labour. My mother told me to drink castor oil it tastes disguisting but it brings on labour. I got told that I was going to be induced with my son but I had him naturally two days before inducement. It's reverse psychology. Good luck. Let me know how you go!!

Nicole, Bayley 3 and Jordan 18mths

Hi ausmum, thought I would reply on this thread. I was induced at 42 week's with my son and believe me I tried everything from sex , castor oil, curry, walking ,you name it and I tried it. Nothing worked. Being induced for me was not a bad experience. The midwife told me that I had not failed the birth experience I just needed a little help.Happy parenting,Danielle xx

Danielle, Qld.

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