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mother with kids close in age? Lock Rss

im due to have a child in late feb early march and have a daughter who will b around 15 months when its due I'm looking for people who can give me advice on how to cope i suffered pnd with my 1st and im afraid its will happen again when i have 2 kids to care for

I don't have advice to help, but am also having bubs close together, so will be paying attention to your responses!! I have a just 3 year old & my little fella will be 17 months when the bub is born! Scary I'm a little freaked!! Anyway congrats & good luck.

Zali, Adam & Jack!! Watch this space for news on

Hi i have 5 kids and have a week to go with #6 my 1st 3 were in 3 years so i had 3 under 2 my DD has just turned 15 months also we have been getting her ready for months now telling her about the baby showing her where all the baby things are ect i think its much eaiser to have 2 that close together than it is to have a 2 1/2 or 3 year gap.IF you get your daughter ready now it will make life a lot eaiser when bub comes along its not such a big shock to them...As for being able to cope i think if you can cope with 1 you can cope with 2 its really not that hard i remember when i was having my 2nd DS though i was feeling really stressed and i kept thinking how could i love 2 kids you think that all the love you could ever have is for this one child but let me assure you no matter weather you have 1 or 6 you will love themm all the same.You can add me to msn if you have it and need to talk... [email protected] good luck

ds11 ds10 dd9 dd6 dd19mths ds jan26th

Hi, I have a 4 year old and 3 year old twins, I am now expecting no. 4. I made sure when the twins were on the way my 1st knew what was going on with baby stuff and letting her feel the babies kick etc. Then tried to get her to help when they were born, not that she could do much because she was only 14 months old, but that seemed to help. I also made sure that I only had 1 main job every day, like doing a load of washing, or cleaning the bathroom, anything else that got done was a bonus, and I made sure I didn't stress if someone was coming over that everything wasn't done, it just wasn't physically possible! If they wanted to see us they saw the house in a mess too (unless I had a REALLY good day!) Now that they are a little older it's good, they are all nearly at the same stage of doing stuff, and now they are old enough to understand about a baby, and that they aren't getting left out, just reorganised differently. Just take a day at a time! Make sure your happy and get help from someone if you need it, it doesn't mean that you aren't a good parent, it means you are very busy!! And don't do things to try to impress others or because you think that THEY think you should do something, do what YOU think is best at the time. All the best in the future!

3 beautiful girls and a beautiful baby boy

My son has arrived and its the hardest thing ever and my son is the best baby sleeps right on cue has feeds right on cue but my little girl is hard to keep up with now and i cnat leave jackson alone without chloe wanting his dummy or pulling his socks etc so i always on the go and becuase im living in a one bedroom flat we r sharing the same room so they wake eachother in the middle of the night so i have 2kids to settle so im alaways tired but all it takes is a smile or a little sneeze to know how lucky i am

Hi my 2 girls are 11 months apart and i already had a 4 year old at home it was ok but Chels would wake up when kianna did until she got use to having a baby around. if i can help you anymore just let me know.

my email is [email protected]

best of luck
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