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Hey everyone I need to borrow your brains tongue

I am planning a baby shower for my friend... she is currently 16 weeks preggers.. im not chucking it for another 16 weeks yet... but thought i would start brianstorming some ideas.

It is her second baby.... she didnt have a baby shower for her first one and she needs all new stuff because her daughter is 8 so she has nothing, due to this reason i thought it was only fair that she deserves to havea baby shower. She had a really hard time conceiving... they have been trying for years and have had many problems with this along the way.

I had a baby shower for my first baby but not for my second as had everything because they are only 2 years apart and both boys smile So I have a few ideas but was still wondering what everyone else did at their baby showers. Hopefully this will give me.. and other people... ideas on what to do for a mum who deserves the best baby shower i can throw her.

Thanks for your help and look forward to reading your stories grin



I have organised a few baby showers, but I must admit my own was so much fun!

We played quite a few games...

#1 Pooey N*ppy!
We had 5 numbered d*sposable n*ppies and melted 4 different chocolate bars (KitKat, Snickers, Cherry Ripe, Aero) and in the last one peanut butter.
Guests were given a sheet with 1-5 and had to guess what n*ppy had which chocolate. Most just looked & sniffed, but a few were game and actually tasted it.
Looked so funny!
Whoever guessed all 5 correct got a prize!

#2 Who's Baby Born First?
We got Blue & Pink Shot Glasses from GoLo and little babies from a craft store.
We put all the babies in the shot glasses with water & froze them.
Everyone was given a baby and who ever melted their baby first was the winner.

#3 Memory Game
Fill a basket or baby bath with all different items.
N*ppies, b*ttles, d*mmies, Singlet, Outfit, Bib, Baby Lotion, W*pes, Chocolate for Mum etc
Take the basket/bath around the room twice and let everyone have a few seconds to look at it.
Then take it away and give them a certain time limit to list as many items as they can remember.
Whoever remembers the most wins!
Then give the basket/bath to the Mum-To-Be as a present!

I got a baby bath full of stuff for me & baby! smile

#4 Whats In The Paper Bag?
Have a number of different baby items and put them in numbered paper bags.
Then let everyone feel them and write them down.
Whoever guesses them right wins.
Also give the Mum-To-Be all the items as a Present.

#5 Guessing Game Sheet
This isn't really a game, more of a keepsake.
I had a nice printed peice of paper with
Babys Name Will Be: ______________________
Babys Date Of Birth Will Be: ________________
Babys Weight Will Be: _____________________
Advice for ____(Mum) & ____(Dad): ____________________________________________________________________________________

These are great, you can get a good laugh and some really great advice!
I have the sheet on e-mail and if you want it, I would be happy to send it to you.

Another good keepsake is to get a small notebook and get people to write advice in it!
Or if the Mum-To-Be is having trouble with choosing a name, get the guests to write a list of names!

Spotlight Party Section (Spartys) has lots of Baby Shower stuff!

I also got Chocolate moulds with baby stuff on them (Booties, Pram, D*mmy etc) and gave all the guests 'Baby' chocolates!

This site has some Awesome ideas and games!

Good Luck!
Let us know how it goes!

Honey x

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