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were you disappointed when you found out the sex. Lock Rss

just wanted to know if anyone was disappointed when they found out the sex of their baby. not because of the sex but because after you found out you wish that you had waited for the big surprise at the end. im 10 weeks now and in the process of deciding if i want to know or not.. i didnt find out with my son and it was a great surprise.. but this time round im not sure.. are they always right??

Blake Mathew 6.12.05 Mason Alexander 14.8.07

I was glad during my pregnancy that I found out the sex of my baby but now im starting to wish that I hadnt...hehe! Only because now I want the surprise at the end so I should have done that with the first baby I think!! Nevermind... I will probably end up finding out when Im pregnant with #2 anyways!
I have heard there are cases where they got it wrong but I dont think its a very common thing.
I dont really have any advice but im sure you will figure out what you really want to do. good luck!!
Well.....I found out as soon as I could! I am impatient though, and I wouldn't have been able to stand not knowing. I was barracking for a girl (I always imagined I'd have a baby girl), but I knew, I just -KNEW- I would have a I asked. And yep. He's a boy.

It makes shopping a lot easier. I keep thinking "what if they got it wrong???" but apparently he is a very proud little boy, and there is no way that that part could have been mistaken for anything else!

I'm very happy that I found out. Mum says it takes away some of the excitement, but I'm just as excited as I was before, and imagine if I'd not known - how time would drag!!!!!!

The Sister-in-Laws both didn't find out, and even waiting for them is killing me!

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Hi Kateie hows your pregnancy going? Im due in July with my second as well. I know what you mean about being dissapointed i am wondering the same thing. I would love to find out yet just get worried that i wish i had waited. We didnt find out for the first and it was just such a nice suprise but for this one id love to know. Have you decided what to do yet?

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I found out the sex of my little girl and she is now six months and i wasnt disappointed at all. I dont think it matters because at the end of it all you want is a healthy happy baby. It is your decision in the end. Do what is right for you.

Tina & Jasmine 18/07/06
Hi Katie21, I am preg with no.4 We didn't find out with no.1, so that was a great surprise, then I fell pregnant with twins, so I wanted to find out, but the little horrors were never in a good position, so they couldn't tell me for sure anyway, with this one, I have found out, because we have 3 girls, and I didn't want to feel dissappointed at the end if it was another girl, even though I would still love her, I would really LOVE a little boy in the family, especially as this one wasn't planned, and we have gotten rid of most of our baby stuff because we weren't having anymore, but now that I have found out, I am not game enough to buy too much just in case they did get it wrong, even though the ob said he was 98% sure what it was. I hope they got it right! My husband and I are also the only ones to know for sure, mind you I don't think we are doing very well at keeping it a secret, everyone seems to be reading us very well!

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