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Just wondering if i am the only nut still around that uses cloth nappies?How many people still use cloth nappies......

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Wow you still use cloth nappies- how do you manage to keep up with the laundry in your house??? I am overwhelmed somtetimes with the amount of washing my two girls create- and don't get me started on my husband!!!

In answer to your question- I usually use a mixture of cloth and disposable. I like the idea of cloth nappies- but some days I am just slack with the washing and end up using disposables.

This time round i hope to use a mixture again- but I do usually give myself a break and use only disposables for the first few weeks of bubs life- while we get to know each other.

I have recently prepared my 9yo DD that she is expected to start to help out a little more around the house (at the moment she is supposed to keep her room clean and look after our chickens). Maybe hanging and folding nappies could be on her new list of jobs.
I'm planning to. Can't stand the idea of my innocent baby causing so much damage.

Are you going old school terrycloths or new fandangleds???? I'm trying to decide which type

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Being a first time mum and not knowing what to expect I'm going to use disposables for the first few weeks (so I don't have to worry about washing every few days) but am then going to use cloth mostly.

DS March 07

Hi I used cloth with my first mainly except when we went out, with my twins, I started with cloth but the washing was ridiculous, it seemed just as expensive when you added up the water and napisan etc. as using disposables and a lot more work, so I just used disposables, this time around I plan to use mainly cloth for the majority, unless we have a day in town I will probably use disposable, they are a lot easier, and you don't have to cart them home. But I was tossing up the fitted cloth nappies, maybe they would be just as easy when you go out, don't know, they seem expensive and this is our last so probably not. Anyway your obviously not the only one!!

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smile I'm all prepared to do the cloth nappy thing. I won't be working, and I do washing daily, so there's really no excuse for me!

I can't believe how much nappies cost. I've been buying disposables on special for when I go out with baby (then I won't have to carry around a stinky nappy, I can dispose of it!), and even on special they're expensive!

It'll be hard, but I figure.....if my Mum could do it, then I can do it too.

I haven't bought any of the nice new age fancy cloth nappies. I really like them, but they're also a bit hard on the pocket. Plain white terry towelling ones for me, and of course......I found a bunch of bright coloured ones and bought those too. I'm a sucker for bright colours.

Then Mum pointed out that I'll have to designate Blue / Green days, and Red / Orange days, so that the colours don't run in the nappy bucket!!!!

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Hi there,
I have plans to use cloth nappies and snappies. I will use disposables whilst in hospital and on days that I will be in town. I thought it would be cheaper on the budget while I am off work.

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Hey Mummy6
No your not the only that uses cloth nappies.My lil one is due in 3 weeks and i intend on using cloth nappies i just really hate the other one i guess coz ive been brought up on them. Some people reckon i wont last on cloth nappies but what the hell would they know. When are u due?

Nel-Shailer Park, son Aden 14.2.07

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