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God or no God? Lock Rss

My DP is christian and was raised in a christian family not highly religious but they were all christianed and his grandparents go to church but they aren't FULL ON religious people.

My question is i want my child to choose we are going to get him/her christianed i wasn't but DP was and he wants to keep it going which is fair enough.

So i want to introduce christianity into my child's life but i want him/her to make their own mind about what they want to believe in.

So how early should i satrt talking about this stuff when bubs??? And how to i teach her about it with out enforcing it on them? I just want to be prepared

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Hi young_mom, I am a christian and so is my husband, we do go to church regularly, and of course so do our kids, I started teaching them things right from tiny, and they were christened when they were only 3 months old, I want them to understand why we do what we do etc. But I think that if you teach them what you believe they will make up their own mind when they get older, I know when I was 14 I thought the whole christianity thing sucked and wanted out of it, so I was forced to go to church for a while, and of course went to a christian school, after puberty I decided that I did want to be a christian and that it was the right thing for me and have kept going and I am very glad I did, my brother didn't, and neither do his kids. I personally think if they don't want to be when they grow up a little they will make their own mind up as long as you are open to whatever they decide.

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