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Hi guys i thought this might help some of the new mums...At one of my baby showers my cousin got a book and everyone wrote a something in it that helped them thorugh with thier new baby and at 3 am when there is no one to ring it come in very handy anything you can think of ie feeding,crying,wind and what to use and the ages you can use things some things only start from 4 weeks ect,creams you may have used and found good.....Lets see what we can come up with.....

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Hi, my advice would be "Daktozin" my 3 girls had nappy rash really bad, and no matter how clean I kept them or how much I let them just "air out" it didn't seem to help, daktozin is a pharmacy only cream that did the trick, it's like a zinc cream was great. I also LOVE jolly jumpers, all 3 of my girls used them from about 3 months old, it gave me a little time to do something and kept them occupied for AGES, then they slept REALLY well!! One other thing with my twins was a steamer steriliser, it works in 10 mins, all the bottles are sterilised, you can pacify a crying baby for 10 mins, not for an hour though! Was great when I had the twins. Otherwise I know I used to put my twins feet on the fridge in the middle of the night to wake them up so they would finish their feed otherwise they would only last 20 mins (just as I got back to sleep), talking to them didn't work, but making their feet cold seemed to wake them up for a few more minutes, enough to finish their feed anyway. I also recently saw a thing on Oprah, don't know how well it works, because I haven't had our last one yet, but their is a thing called "Dunston Baby Language" apparently every baby says the same things, you just have listen carefully before they become hysterical cry, this is the basics: "Neh" means they are hungry, "Heh" means they are uncomfortable, "Eh" means they need to burp, "Airh" means they have wind, "Ow" means they are tired. Apparently these 5 "words" are universal and every new born says them, but they obviously fade out over time. I don't know where you can get the video but it was rather interesting, I will have to see if my newborn says these things or not, anything is worth a try in the middle of the night! Hope this helps some others!

3 beautiful girls and a beautiful baby boy

By the way mummy6, weren't you in the early stages of labour? How are things going? Obviously not quite there yet! Good luck!

3 beautiful girls and a beautiful baby boy

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