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When did you get teary? Did you get teary? Lock Rss

Hi I was just curious, I was shocking with my last 2 pregnancies, I cried throughout for no apparent reason, and couldn't stop myself! This time around I am currently 34 and 1/2 weeks, and still no tears!! I was very proud of myself, but yesterday, I was on the verge all day, I don't know if it had more to do with family issues, or if it just happened to be yesterday that the wells were filling up! I hate crying for no reason! When did everyone else start crying if at all, and how could you stop yourself, if you could! I think yesterday if I had started I wouldn't have stopped until this morning! Feeling much better today though, no tears too close to the surface at the moment!

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Hi, for my previous two pregnancies i don't rememeber getting teary but they were a while ago so maybe i just forgotten, this one though all the time. For no reason at all. I can just wake up and know that it is going to be one of those days. Hubby has started to be able to read what I am like when i wake up too. I am 33 1/2 weeks. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for it. Hope all gets better.

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Hi there,

This is a funny post as i had my 1st one today! i had my first teary episode today im 31 weeks pregnant with my first baby.
I went and had an antenatel check up at the hospital & i went up to the desk to tell them i was there & there was this dad holding his new born baby - they were taking him home & he was wearing the same suit i brought 4 my baby & i was just in tears as that will be my husband in less that 64 days!

It was really funny & oh sorry i tell a fib - i also cried when i thought sally died last year on Home & away - which is weird as i rarely watch it!

Hope all your pregnancys are going well

Kat x
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