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How to start labour? Lock Rss

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything that can help start labour? I know about castor oil, tried it with no.1 don't want to do that again, don't know much about nipple stimulation, or how that works. Heard that sex helps, but need to do it ALOT! Anything else that people have heard of? Would love to hear any suggestions! Thanks

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Hi Ree

They reckon raspberry leaf tea does the trick, but it didn't with me. Still wont hurt to try as it is a lovely drink anyway.

I was one week late, and The only thing that worked for me in the end was a 'stretch and sweep" which was peformed by the midwife.
This was done at 5.30pm, and I went into labour at 7.20pm the same night.

Your not due for about 4 weeks, so they won't do this on you though. I know the last few weeks are the most unbearable weeks, but just try to enjoy it and let nature take it's own cause.


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