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Tight Belly? Lock Rss

Hi, I'm due in three days with my first baby. I have had non painfull braxton hicks now for quite a few weeks, but yesterday and today especially, have been experiencing a continual very tight belly?
Can anyone else relate to this? I'm not sure whats happening??? It feels rock solid, but the baby is still moving!

Rach/mum of Nick

hi, my name is leanne and i am due in 2 weeks with my first baby.
I have noticed recently that my belly tightens a lot when the baby turns it's back to my belly and away from my spine. At first i thought it had something to do with my braxton hicks contractions but after a while i notice that the tightness goes as soon as the baby moves.
It could be the baby has moved to get into the right position for birth?!?
Is it painful at all?
I would love to hear how you go with the birth as well, please feel fre to e-mail me @ [email protected]!

Mummy to Talana Michelle Kimberley (13/12/2003)

Hi Rach
Don't worry its all normal.
When I was pregnant I had braxton hicks and a very tight belly.
also if you feel some pressure in your pelvis it wont be long before bubs come.
good luck rach all the best.


mary.NSW 11 month baby

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