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Does anyone else feel this??? Lock Rss

HI there
I am 31 weeks pregnant with my second baby and with this baby the movements are just crazy. I need to know if it is normal for the baby to move so so much. Sometimes it feels as though she is having a fit. My whole stomach will just shake for a good 5 secs. Also sometimes it feels as though she is going to stick her foot right through my belly. is it normal for a baby to be SO strong??????

My son was never like this. This baby just doesnt seem to stay asleep for long periods, she is always moving.

Hope this is not a silly question but i just need to know if anyone else has the same feelings.

Ethan 18/04/06 Hannah 13/04/07 Yep we were crazy a

I'm about the same stage with my second boy. Maybe I've just forgotten what it was like first time around, but I totally agree.
I seem to recall there were vigorous kicks last time. This baby seems to do a lot more squirming about. I am often staring at my belly in amazement as it contorts and shifts about. I dont remember so much of that last time.

I guess the bottom line is movement is good in that reassuring the bubs is OK kind of way.

good luck surviving your organs being readjusted from the inside.

Narelle, Melbourne, 4 yr old and 18mth old boys

This is absolutely normal. I know its sometimes hard to believe that such a small thing could be so strong. About the shaking feeling, they actually do this when they come out too. My neice was born 5 weeks ago 8 weeks prem and we were watching her in her crib and she was doing those movements and when you hold her you feel like you can't do anything with her but she just moves like nothing and you feel like your going to drop her.

I am 37 weeks and all the books say that at this stage there isn't much room for movement but trust me they still move. When I have just eaten as I can only eat small portions and I still feel bloated he moves so much and it makes you feel like your gonna be sick.

Just sit back and enjoy as at least you know everything is fine when you can fell them.

Jake, Jemma & baby Brandon


I am 30 weeks, the other night I was just going to fall off to sleep after 40mins of tryiing to get comfortable.

When the baby was playing tapping game with me.
I was lying on my left side.
The baby would tap his/her elbow or ankle near my hip bone then I would tap softly three times then the baby would tap again.
This occured four times, I couldn't believe it.

The baby is so active compared to my first.
I will be walking when the baby kicks so hard that I just stop in the middle of the aisle in the supermarket and people get upset because they nearly crash into me with thier trolleys.

All the best/

4 1/2 yrs boy 28 mth girl


I'm 31 weeks with our first child. I too have felt so much movement! I look at my belly and think WOW, almost like she is trying to find her way out!

It's scary and exciting at the same time, hoping all is ok but as you have all mentioned i guess it's reassuring when they move.

I've also got gestational diabetes and so many people have said i'm going to have a big baby and to be honest it can get me a little emotional at times. I have an u/s in 3 weeks to check how she is measuring.
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