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breech position @33 weeks Lock Rss

just back from my ob appointment and have been informed my baby is in breech position. She has said if it doesnt turn she will do a c-section as its my first child. I thought there was some things u can do to turn it or something.. your comments and theories would be appreciated

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

Hi Rebecca J the same thing happened to me around the same time!!! My baby was in a perfect position then all of a sudden he turned. I was told they would moniter me until around 36 weeks and if the baby hasnt turned by then they usually cant as they are too big to go back. I was advised a good acupuncturist can help. My sister in law had the same problem and her baby did go back to the Occipito-anterior after acupuncture. I was also told of some sticks they light and put near your ankles??? not to sure about that one. There are a few exercises you can try. The one I was given is to be done 3 times a day for 15 mins. Lie on your back with your bottom away from the wall. Place your feet high on the wall and using it for support lift your hips high. Have pillows or a firmly rolled towel ready to slip behind your back for support. Your hips need to be higher than your shoulders. An alternative is to adopt a "knee-chest" position, you get on all fours like a cat then your lower your arms so your bottom is high in the air and your head and chest is on the floor. I did see a TV show where the character was playing the part of a pregnant women whos baby had gone breech. She was also doing an exercise on all fours and sort of rocking back and forth?? Not too sure about that one. Heres one for a laugh, I was also told to get a torch and put it on my belly and move it so the baby can see the light and turn back around!!! They were very serious about telling me this so it was very hard trying not to laugh. Nothing worked for me so I did have to have a caesarean for my first baby as well. Good luck!

I can't relate to this topic personally, however I have heard that putting an ice pack on your tummy near baby's head will encourage them to move. I don't know if it is true or an old wives tale, but thought I would just mention it to you. Good luck, hope baby turns around for you. smile Michelle
Hi Rebecca

My 1st was breech from about 33 weeks & I tried all sorts of things & he never turned. Consequently I had a c-section & it's the safest option with a breech baby for both you & your bub. Now you know that you might have a c-section then you can at least prepare mentally. My girlfriend went thru a country hospital & found out her baby was breech when she was in labour & had to have an emergency c-section. This was a lot more stressful.

I am currently pregnant with my 2nd, due 19/12 (tomorrow) and this little girl is actually head down. Early on in the pregnancy I did some more research on turning babies "just in case" and found heaps of info on the internet about exercises, japanese herbal heat stick remedies, acupuncture etc. They give you details of how & what to do.

I tried the lie on your back with your legs up & lifting your hips up. This made me dizzy after a little while so I didn't do it for too long each time. I don't know if it worked but this bub is head down. Having one baby breech doesn't mean any future bubs will be.

I've also heard that lots of walking helps as the bubs head is their heaviest part & walking around uses gravity & gets them to turn head down. You probably don't feel like doing this at the moment but it sounds like it should work.

If bub doesn't turn don't be too stressed as it's not the worst thing in the world to have a c-section, it just takes a little longer to recover from.

Best of luck

Mum 4 1/2 boy & baby girl 12 months (on Dec 21st)

Hi Rebecca, am 36 weeks and had to go to the hospital today to check on my high blood pressure. Doctor said that my baby is breech, but that there is still time for him/her to turn. He said they keep an eye on things until 37 weeks, but I've also heard in books that bubbies can turn right up until just before you go into labour. As it is, at the previous few checkups, my baby has been changing from breech-head down-breech, etc. So there is a possibility your baby may prove your ob wrong!!! Good luck!!!

Angela, NSW

Hello I have just read an interview with Lisa McCune in the New Idea regarding he birth of her new baby. She said that both her labours (this one and her first baby) involved the babies being the wrong way around however after 9 - 10 hours of labour the baby did turn around. She didnt mention how long she knew the babies where breech but it sort of reads she had no idea until she was in labour. She also did give credit to her obstetrician saying he is one of the best in Australia. So not too sure what the obstetrician did but it just goes to show that babies can turn at the last minute, it happened to Lisa twice. Please let us know how you go.
i had a breech baby ended up having a c-section but that was a good for me because she was to small they did not think she would make it through labor but the hospital told me to lay on my back put my back side against the wall with my legs pointing to the roof something about gravity and mother nature it might work for you
my friend was breech she was due to have c-section but the day b4 her baby turned so it can happen anytime so dont stress

had 2 C-SECTION and a proud mum

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