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Helpful Books Lock Rss

Hi everyone

My name is Claire and I am from Auckland. I have noticed a couple of recommendations for the book 'Up the Duff' and have also been told 'What to expect when you are expecting' is like the pregnancy bible? I plan on getting just one - anyone had a good read of both???

Thanks for your help!!

Claire, NZ, Due May 2004

Hi Clare,
I was given 'what to expect when ur expecting' and it was my saviour. As I was given it I didn't read 'up the duff', but what to expect.. was definately my bible for my pregnancy. I read the whole book from cover to cover when I first found out I was pregnant, as you do, then I went back and read each month as I experienced it and got my hubby to read it. Well actually some months he was caught reading it before I did.
I don't suppose it matters which one you get as they're both designed to give you as much info as they can. Hope that helps.
Have fun.

Lisa, SA, baby girl (4.5.03)

Hi Clare i havn't read up the duff myself but 'what to expect when your expecting' is fantastic. I use it as a reference book all the time and it always has the answer to my questions!! There is also another book called 'what to eat when your expecting' which was another book in the series and was very helpful to. Each of these books (what to expect... and what to eat...) are both around 33 dollars each but i noticed at angus and robertson bookworld the set of both is on sale for 29.95 ... Bargain... hope this is a help

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

Hi claire78,

I read "Up the Duff" but didn't read "What to expect when you are expecting". I loved Up the duff. It is light hearted but full of facts also. Very easy to relate to & one of those books where you find yourself laughing out loud. I haven't met anyone who didn't enjoy "Up the Duff". I know that our library has "What to expect when you are expecting" so perhaps you could purchase one & borrow the other from a library- that way you will be able to access both books.

Best wishes,
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