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Epidurals.... To have or not to have??? Lock Rss

Hey guys,
im a young first time expecting mum only in early stages of pregnancy however have been having discussion with people who have had babies in the past on epiduals. I was just wondering what everyone thinks of them in conjunction with pregnancy and whether you believe it is better with one or without. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks smile

Karina, S.A, mum to Kaleb born 25/07/04

I was very scared about having an epidural and that was one of the things on my list to NOT do at all costs. After around 20 hours in labour with no progress and problems with blood pressure I had the epidural and it was amazing!!! It wasn't so much that I wasn't coping with the pain but I was exhausted and not able to relax. I couldn't believe how much I could actually feel after I had it - I suddenly feel her moving around inside me, which felt wonderful, and had total control when it came to pushing. My delivery was a bit of a nightmare (forceps, episiotomy, haemhorage etc. etc.) but that was nothing to do with the epidural. From what I've been able to find out, they have changed alot, even in the last 5 years or so, so there's no point asking someone who had one a long time ago about their experience. I had just about everything go wrong with my pregnancy and delivery etc, but I now have a 'perfect' little girl. If anything's worrying you or you have other questions, you're welcome to email me at [email protected] - I've been through just about everything so nothing fazes me now.

Good Luck, and enjoy your last Christmas of FREEDOM !!! You will, however, enjoy next Christmas even more.


Lucy's Mum

Hi, congratulations!
Now this is just my opinion okay.
Everyone I know who has had epidurals have had a hard time pushing the baby out because they couldnt feel the urge to push, therfore having more chance of Vaccum and forceps. My sister had to push for 4 hours with her first because of the epidural. On my birth plan I said I didnt want an epidural, but at the time I was in so much pain that I said I wanted one. But luckely for me and Jackson I had already started to push just in time. The urge to push was so strong. I was also on all fours and gravity helped so much that he came straight out after 3 hours of pushing.
Mind you gas was my best friend and I also had a shot of pethadine.Epidural was my last resort.
Goodluck on whatever you choose to do, you will know at the time. Feel free to email me
[email protected]

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

Hi, congratulations first of all smile
I can't realy tell you which will be better or not, as i have had 2 kids and didn't have one with either of them... not that i didn't want to but when he came at me with that needle i was more scared of that than the pain itself. I have only heard of horror stories from my friends however, chronic back pain, and headaches. I belive that you will know what to do once you go into labour and you WILL make the decision based on your own experience and preference. Good luck.
Merry christmas!

Aleks, SA, 5yr old girl, 9yr old boy&bubs 10.4.04

All of the people that I know that have had babies, were all saying to me - as soon as you get in there, have the epidural, its awesome. So through alot of my pregnancy I had already decided that I was having an epidural. But then a few weeks before I had my son, I thought to myself, there are so many women that go through childbirth without any drugs at all, Why shouldn't I at least attempt labour without drugs? So I did. I had the gas, and I went through many hours of labour with that only. In the end I had an emergency caesarean, so I HAD to have an epidural. I so wish I hadn't, the pain I get in my back now is unbelieveable!
What I am trying to say, ( I think?), is you have to do what feels right for you, I am not telling you that every woman shouldn't have an epidural, but maybe you should give it a go without one first?You might surprise yourself smile

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

I just re read my page and I must of been tired because I didnt push for 3 hours, I had contractions for 3 hours and pushed for 40 mins!

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

Hi surprised mum,
Throughout my pregnancy I was completely against having an epidural. I knew of people who had experienced complications & I didn't want to risk that myself. However, after a very long, painful labour I resorted to an epidural. My baby was posterior & the pain of each contraction racked through my entire body. I couldn't believe that contractions in my abdomen could cause so much pain in my head! The epidural was fantastic! In the end I had an emergency c-section as the baby could not descend any further due to it's position ,however, next time, I will definately be asking for an epidural early.
Best wishes,
Definitely consider it. I had my baby girl last Sat & couldn't believe the extent of the pain. The gas helped a little, but the epidural was well worth it.

Don't discount any form of pain relief because you realy have no idea how painful it might get for you. I was hoping to cope with just gas & hot packs as some of my friends have, but my pain threshold was no where near what I thought and was in love with the anaethesetist (sp) after he put it in.

One piece of advice thought is if you are going to have an epidural suck on heaps of gas before they put the local into your back. I didn't do this with my first and it killed but with my 2nd it takes the edge of the local as this is the worst part of the epidural.

Anyway, best of luck - it will be all over sooner than you think.


Mum 4 1/2 boy & baby girl 12 months (on Dec 21st)

I am 35 weeks preg and have not stopped hearing peoples wonderful/horror storys with epidurals. Everyone reacts differently to each method of pain relief. My suggestion would be read up on the pros and cons of all your options first and make your decision cause what was fantastic for her might be horror for you. Weighing up all my options i decided to skip gas and pethadine and go straight to epidural. The possibility of me having a c section is highly likley but i came to that decision before i knew i was carrying a big breech bubba. Best of luck.

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

Hey, im a young suprised mum who had and epidural giving birth to my son 5weeks ago. the epidural was amazing it looks scary but didnt hurt me at all. and when it came to pushing i knew when to push but amazingly i didnt feel a thing but the down side to it all was ive been getting alot of back pain and always when sitting down i need something to support my back, it feels like my back is put togethor wrong but hey everyone is different and when i have my second i will have another one dispite to pain im going through the relief from contractions was amazing! GOODLUCK!

Sarah, SA, 6week baby

After listenening to the risks an epidural carries during parenting classes, my thoughts towards an epidural were not good anymore. I was worried, but then realized that everything is a risk including giving birth. I was induced and as they say the majority of women being induced end up having a epidural cause the pain is soo unbearable. And yes I ended having one, I tried as long as I could but could not hold out anymore. It was the best choice I ever made, I had no side effects, except for a bit of stiffness but everything just went smoothly. I would definalty recommend you not to be scared to have one if you need it.
G'day! I never had an epidural with either or my children, I din't have any pain relief but my sister-in-law just had a baby about 2 weeks ago and she had one and said it was the best thing out!! She loved it so much that she said when she has her next one that she is going to ask for one straight away!! I think they must be pretty safe and good otherwise I couldn't see the hospital asking if you want it or not if it had bad effects!!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

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