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too big for the hospital Lock Rss

i am only 16 weeks and my dr has told me that i am too big to have my baby in the local hospital if i dont put on any more wieght i should be fine.... yeah right as if that is going to happen, anyway was just wondering if there are any other pregnant woman that this has happened to?

Liz, Vic mother of 3

Hey there this situation didnt actually happen to me, but I am also a big girl, and I actually LOST weight thru my pregnancy, dont ask me how, but I avoided the maternity clothes buying and never looked pregnant, just felt it ahahahah. It was that good, that ppl I hadnt even seen for ages, asked me how i was and id say ooooh 8 months pregnant, and they didnt believe me!! so just coz your pregnant, doesnt mean ur neccasarily going to put weight on!!! and good luck with everything !!! is this your first???

Love Kel and Mckenzie xoxoxo

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

hi darcys mum !!
i haven't been in the same situation but i would change doctors !!! i know in public hospitals you can't say which doctor you want but just refuse to go to that doctor because it is not your fault if you put on weight !! how can you not put on anymore weight when the baby is just starting to grow !!!!!
i don't understand how can a doctor say such things !!! keep in touch how you go !!!! bye
Thanks for you feedback ladies, this is my second pregnancy and while i didnt actually lose much from the first pegnancy i have always been overweight, but i still dont see how a dr can say that, he has told me to only eat fruit, veg, lean red meat and fish, and we will see how i go, but going by how much weight i hace out on in the last 4 weeks it dont look too good, i think i will just wory about it when the time comes, i was talking to a firend the other day and she said that if was in labour and went to the emergency department of the hospital they would ahve to take me regardless of my weight, not that i want it to be that way, but that is an opition i guess.......

Liz, Vic mother of 3

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