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pregnancy after tubal ligation Lock Rss

just need some advice!
has anybody on here fallen pregnant after having there tubes tied. i had mine done a year ago during my c-section with my third child and deffinately don't want more! But my af was due on the 10th of this month and still no show plus about a week a go i had some didcharge with a small amount of old blood in it. i had the same thing happen in my last pregnancy and the dr's. said it was an implantation bleed. so hoping it wasn't that plus have been really ill and tired.
also have heard that some people get pregnant but it ends up as an eptopic pg due to the clamps blocking the tubes, so does anyone know the symptoms of an eptopic pg. husband wants me to go to the dr's. but am 2 scared incase they test me!

mum of three girls (99,02,06)

I would firstly go get a home pregnancy test, see if the pregnancy hormone is in your system. Now I havnt had my tubes tied but I know someone who had it done and it wasnt successful (she didnt know) and she fell pregnant, so it is possible but very rare. It is possible your system is a bit out of wack due to other reasons. If the home pregnancy test comes up positive you need to go to the Dr and get an ultrasound done to check for an ectopic as they are very dangerous and can be life threatening.
Take care lots of hugs and keep us updated
[Edited on 19/04/2007]
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