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Introduction - 28 weeks pregnant with twins Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

Just thought I would introduce myself and say hi. I'm Naomi, 25. My partner, Brett (34) and myself have two children, Ashlee who is nearly 10 and Mitchell who is nearly 3. We are expecting boy/girl twins in early July.

hope to get to know you all better over the coming months!

Take Care!

Ashlee (10) Mitchell (2) & twins Zach and Anna

Hi Naomi

Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Im Collette and also expecting girl/boy twins in August. I also have other children. Monique 11, Chloe 6 and Johnny 3.

We are going to have our hands full with our 3 year olds and twins lol. How are you feeling. I am starting to get really exhausted now but the first 25 weeks have been fantastic so it was going to happen sooner or later lol.

I hope you are doing well. Congrats again.
Take Care

Hi Collette!

Thanks for your reply. Things are going ok on my end. Apart from being HUGE and sore and tired and sooooo over it....hehehe!

Both bubs are going really well - turned head down last week and weigh a wonderful 1.5kgs each! (At 27 weeks!) They kick up a storm nearly 24/7 but I am loving most of it smile

Yes, we are going to be pretty busy with 3 year olds and newborn twins but thankfully my daughter is a wonderful help with her brother and I'm sure that she will be just as wonderful with the two new bubs (That she is very excited about!) My DF is an interstate truck driver so things will be tough in that department but I'm sure we will cope.

How is everything with you? Hope all is going well. Where abouts do you live? We are in Bairnsdale, Victoria.

Take Care!

Ashlee (10) Mitchell (2) & twins Zach and Anna

Hi Naomi

I am so happy to hear that someone else is soooo over it hehe. I don't want them out under any circumstances and would love to get to at least 35 weeks hell its hard work lol. I was so active with my last 3 pregnancies, I can't believe the turnaround. A simple vist to 3 shops at the local shopping centre seems to take days to get over and I can hardly walk on the way out lol.

If my bubs have stayed in the same place 1 is breech and and the other is head down but the breech one is presented although im sure that can change at any stage. I was told at 24 weeks that the boy was 1p 12 oz and the girl was 1p 6oz. they keep changing from being a day apart etc to at the moment a week apart but have been told thats nothing to worry about. Your bubs are great sizes also. I assume that if you are having boy girl babies that they are fraternal, have you been told this. Do they have their own sacs, placentas etc. We are lucky if thats the case. So much less to go wrong.

Im sure its going to be hard with DF being an interstate truck driver, Im excited but scared also lol. I just keep thinking what doesn't kill us makes us stronger lol, also if we don't sleep surely it can't be for more than 12 months lol.

I live on the Central Coast NSW. We are lucky we have the older child/ren, as at least they will be a great help. Much better than doing it alone im sure.

Well I hope you are well. When did you find out you were carring twins.

Take Care

Oh I joined another site its. I think they are a fairly new forum but has lots of great information on there also and ofcourse lots of parents of twins you can ask anything to. Just incase your interested.

Hi Naomi

Congratulations on your twin pregnancy!!!!

Im Belinda, i have 11mth old ID twin boys......

Hope all is going well for you.

Look forward to chatting to u some more


Xavier & Zion 21/6/06 & Levi 5/5/08


Belinda good to hear you have survived so far lol. Wow they are nearly 12 months old. How did you go.

Hi Naomi how are you feeling. Well Im now 27 weeks. The heartburn has really started to kick in and im so uncomfortable....great still 11 weeks to go lol. I have this pain under my ribs all the time and I know its not the twins feet as they are breech at the moment so it must be all my squished body parts trying to fit in there lol. How are you feeling. Are you getting excited now. I think ims starting to believe that I might actually bring home 2 babies. I found this so hard to believe from the start or maybe I was just protecting myself incase anything happened.

Well I just wanted to check in and see how you are going. I hope you are doing well.

Take Care

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