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placenta 3cm os....what does it mean?? Lock Rss

hi there all.
i am now 23 weeks with my forth, and am getting a bit concerned.
i went for my routine 19 week scan few weeks ago, and went to get my results from my gp last week. she asked to see me, and i didnt think much of it.
she pointed out the my placenta was anterior but 30mm to the side. meaning my cervix was covered. she didnt seem too concerned about it, just saying they will do a scan at around 28-30 wks to have another look. so i was too concerned. but i have since found out from talking to people that it can mean you cant deliver naturally and have to have a c-sect and can cause many problems.
so needless to say im soo confused now, and thats coming from a forth time mum!
if anyone has had this experience or has information on it, would really appreciate it. hope im not getting worried about nothing!
I had that with my first were it was low and had to have another scan , by then it had moved.
I think if it doesn't move it can be a problem but I think most times it moves mine did, I'm sure your's will be fine too!
The scans are great at 28-30 weeks the babys look so different! Hope all goes well!

Karen,NZ, 5 yr old girl & 2 yr old boy

Hi there,

I also got told at my 18 wk scan that my placenta is low lying, i have to have a scan done this wed the 6th july to c if mine has moved up, im not concerned at all about it though as like the other mums have said it usually does move up and out of the way so im hoping that mine will have to, but then again i know that if it hasnt i will have to have a c section which dosent really bother me either, im sure what ever happens i will be well taken care of. Take care and try not to worry this happens to alot of expectant mums.

Kelly, NSW due 14/8/05

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