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blood pressure Lock Rss

What was your blood pressure at your last doc appoint and how far preg were u???
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i had an appointment yeasterday and am 27 weeks today. My blood pressure was 101/61. Hope this helps you.

dd 9, ds 13 months, ds 27/08

Mine was 100/65 at 10 weeks and 118/60 at 14 weeks. Bit on the low side but still perfect in the midwifes eyes.
I have been having dizzy spells cos of it and the midwife said to lie on my left side when it happens which helps.

Hi there, my blood pressure at my last visit when i was 33 weeks was 101/72 which is much higher than it had been as ive had 94/50, 90/60, 86/69, 91/55 and at 30 weeks was 105/61.

Im not sure what it all means but i just got the numbers off my pregnancy record and i hope its helped!

Yvonne, Sadie 31/10/05 Jorjah 08/07/07

Hi at my last check up i was 18 weeks im 22 weeks now my BP was120/80 but thats what its always been

Mine sounds quite high compared to everyone elses

Rachael DS1 2/3/06 DS2 26/8/07

i'm at 33weeks and mines at 150/70...some of it is due to the fact i've had high blood pressure most of my adult life.
what they did for me was to put me on methyldopa 3 times a day and a half asprin. i've been told its not the top number that they worry about.

at this stage they are not worried.

first time mum at 38 years of age to patrick

I am 33 weeks also. My blood pressure is 145/80. Dr does not seem worried as it seems to be stress related. Your right it is the bottom number they worry about. 120/80 is considered normal.

Mum to Isobelle & Harrison

Blood pressure yesterday at 37wks was 100/60. 4 weeks ago was 100/50, mw said that was a bit on the low side but wasn't overly concerned. HTH.

Linda ~ DD1: 10/01/06 ~ DD2: 26/06/07

Hi everyone,
Jo again. Just been to see the midwife and my blood pressure was 150/90. I was sent for blood tests. Looks like VBAC is getting more unlikely. Anyone else been through this?
Take Care

Mum to Isobelle & Harrison

At 17 weeks I was 130/70 and the same again at 18 weeks, then at 20.5 weeks I was 130/74. Doc wasn't worried about it though. In my first trimester my BP was low ranging from 90/60 - 110/70 but the doctor said that is fairly normal in the first trimester, because of the increase blood flow and all that stuff.

Had my BP checked today, 25 weeks and it's gone down to 120/70!!
[Edited on 21/06/2007]
hi there,
at my last check up, so i wouldve been 27weeks my bp was 130/ its creeping up...i had preclampsia with my last pregancy and had to go on bp tabs to stabilise it,but in the end had to be induced at 39weeks..but thankfully had a beautiful healthy baby im hoping i dont have to go on the meds again as they made me feel really drowsy..

Bec,VIC,MIKI 16/7/05 JELLYBEAN EDD 24/8/07

Hi there, I'm new here. With my daughter, I ended up having an emerg c/sec at 34 +6 days as my blood pressure was 240/120, close to having a fit. I had none of the classic symtoms of pre-cympsia but had it with HEELP syndrom. ended up spending 2 nights in ICU.
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