Hi, i'm new to the huggies club and was wondering if anyone has suffered with gestational diabities??

I had a real bad time with my son when i found out,it was really hard to change my diet but i managed.

I was very sick in the last 2 months of my pregnancy with very bad headaches,dizziness,chucking up high pitch ringing in my right ear and what made things worse was it all happened at once.

My husband was very worried about me and our son since it was his 1st child and didn't know what was happening to me and wasn't sure what to expect.

After my son (Kane) was born we found out that he is a hemaphillia( a bleeder) which runs in his dads family but his dad doesn't have it.We don't know if this was caused by the symptoms i had during pregnancy or not,but he is very healthy and we love watching him grow.

Three months ago we just found out i'm pregnant again which was a big shock to us and i have diabities again and am starting to get the same symptoms i had with kane with this baby.

I was just wondering if anyone else has suffered with GD(gestational diabities) and have had the same or simillar symptoms?????