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Extremely traumatic birth first time around want to attempt a VBAC!! MUST READ Lock Rss

My first pregnancy went really well it was march 19th 2006 and my bub was 9 days overdue my contractions started at around 11pm i was booked in for an induction the next day so i put up with the pain until 4pm the next day when i arrived at the hospital i was only around three centremetres dilated. In the following hours my back pain was so bad that i went on to have gas, sleeping tablets, pethadine and an epidural. My daughter was laying posterior but i didnt find this out until after she was born. Ventouse (suction cap) was attempted three times without any success by this time i had been pushing for 3 hours and the epidural was starting to wear off. It was 9am on the 21st of march 06, 18 hours after i officially went into labour that the doctors announced i was to have an emergency c-section. My partner had left the room to call my mother so he wasnt there to support me i was so terrified because the medical staff led me to believe i was going to have a natural birth and never once mentioned that i may have to have a c-section or the fact that my bub was laying the wrong way around. Any way i was taken up to theatre despite me begging not to have the operation. My partner arrived just in time with only a few minutes to spare before our daughter was born. I'll never forget the burning sensation as the knife cut me open the epidural had only a few minutes to kick in before it all started the pain lasted until Karla was born and for the rest of the 30 minutes before the operation ended i was in pure bliss. I was wheeled out to recovery still not having held my daughter my partner left me cuddle her and kiss her with his aid before they were both wisked away so he could feed her. I laid in recovery for 40 minutes crying my eyes out at the fact that i was totally uninformed with everything that had just happened to me and my newborn daughter. I was finally taken to the room where my beautiful little girl was waiting for me. After around 3 hours i took off her little hat to find 3 HUGE bloody gashes around the size of the top of a mug on her head from the ventouse i was totally devestated!!!! Once again i wasnt informed that it had happened.
I have since been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Dissorder
Im now expecting my second bundle of joy a little boy this time on Sept 11th and i really want to have a natural birth but im absolutly terrified my midwives are really supportive but that doesnt really put my mind at ease.

Is there any women out there who have had traumatic births followed by a c-section and have gone on to have succesful VBACS or anyone that is expecting and want to try a VBAC??

I'd really love to get a disscusion going on this topic!

Karla nearly 3 Izaak (Zakky) 15 months, lil bubble

Wow, what a horrible experience for you!! I also had an emergency caesarean and had a hard time. I am still quite scarred and don't think i'll ever emotionally recover.

I was 38 weeks when i had my internal and was told i was 2cms dilated so all those pains i was having were becoming something real. I was so excited but then had an ultrasound which confirmed my little baby hadn't eaten in 4 weeks off my placenta. His body measured at 39 weeks and his tummy was 35weeks. His kidneys were failing and no one could work out why. At 39 weeks they found out i had Cholestasis which could of caused his problems and my symptoms. It's a rare liver disease in which your body produces too much bile acid and if you have it you are meant to give birth between 36 and 38 weeks as after 38 weeks your body lets of poison into the baby's blood stream and can be potentially fatal for them. They booked me in for induced at exactly 40 weeks. I had an internal, i was already 3cms before they broke my waters which was great news. He was engaged and we were already to go. They broke my waters and mentioned then he was in a funny position and had been pushing my bag of waters to the side in my uterus. Then they started the drip at 10am. I was so sick during labour, my contractions were 1min apart for the first 3 hours, i asked for an epidural. 2 hours later i got my epidural. By then my contractions were on top of one another and the epi only worked for 1 hour. They tried turning the drip off as his heartrate was dropping really quickly and then going back up. I was 7cms dilated at 5pm which was great news. An hour or so later i dropped back to 5cms when they mentioned a caesarean as he wasn't coming. By 7pm his heartrate was constantly sitting around 70bpm. I was prepped for surgery then and there.

I cried the whole time. My body had failed to do something that was supposed to be so natural. 10mins later i heard my baby cry. I never got to touch him, just a quick glance and they took him away while i laid on the table for another hour while they stitched me up. I couldn't move hardly for a week. I was so sore, i walked as much as i could but didnt make a difference. It took me 10mins to get off and on the bed and each time i felt like i ripped everything open.

I developed a infection on my scar that weeped constantly for 5 months. It wouldn't go away. From the skin bursting open, i have 2 holes on my scar that will never go away, my scar is jagged too. I get constant period like cramps to this day that they don't know what it is from. I have had follow up surgery and have only just stopped getting burning when i stand up. I am numb and my scar feels horrible if i touch near it. It's been 10.5 months and i never ever thought it would take so long to heal. Oh and i was also told i had to have a caesarean because of my small pelvic bone. I don't have a small pelvis.

I am hoping too for a VBAC, we are trying for another baby in 4 months. They have to constantly monitor me because of the cholestasis and i have a thyroid disease. There is more risk to the baby this time around but if i have another c/s, i have already been warned it may be my last. I just can't risk that.

I'm looking forward to my next pregnancy but i am also very scared because of the risks. My Ob will support me as he knows what i had to go through.

Good luck to you, september isn't too far away! xx
It so terrible that so many women have such traumatic births. My first birth was also emergency c-section at week 36 which resulted in a beautiful baby boy (4pd 6oz)but like you I was not able to hold him for very long as he was whisked off to intensive care - I wa not pre-warned that I wouldn't be able to hold him for very long or that he'd stay in hospital for 3 weeks whilst I went home. I was also very sick afterwards and told that I nearly died (opps - didn't realise it was that serious!!)Anyway, I spoke to a number of my friends who had VBAC for their second births and they had nothing but praise for this outcome. They both saw independent midwives as well as obstericians. So I decided to try for a VBAC birth with my 2nd. During my pregnancy I waived so many times it's not funny - even up to the week before I was due. My ob was fantastic and fully supported my VBAC decision (in the end!). The only thing he warned me of was that he wouldn't be able to induce me if I went over (would have been a cesear). Went into natural labour 3 days before my due date and had a 5 hour labour - no drugs!! It was an incredible experience compared to my first birth - I even walked up to the ward afterwards. I'm really glad that the VBAC worked out as found it much easy to look after the 2 year old without a tummy wound. I also think that if i'd had to have a cesear I would have been more accepting. I wish you all the luck with the 2nd time around and hope that VBAC is an option for you.

Alicia, NSW, mum to Max & Hunter

Hello ladies

I also had a traumatic time getting my little Max out and ended up having an emergency c-section. I was so down on it for months, and got really cross when a childless friend said that surely it was the 'better option' and shouldn't I just be happy that Max (another Max!) had come out healthy. She really couldn't get just how miserable you can feel about an unplanned ceaser. I am now 21 weeks with number 2 and really want a VBAC. My sister - a midwife in the UK - said she will send me hints on how to improve my chances nearer the event, as she had a VBAC for number 3 after 2 ceasers. I was really happy with my choice then a good friend accidentally put the wind up me saying she had thought about having a VBAC herself, but got too scared of the dangers and now didn't want to. What are the real dangers does anyone know? I REALLY don't want to go through the ceaser again.

Victoria xx
Hi Victoria, after A LOT of research, it actually points to an elective c/s being a much more dangerous option. Sure there's always risks in both but the doctors always try and scare you out of it and so do uneducated people by saying a uterine rupture could happen and will end up in hysterectomy when there's only 1-2% chance of a partial tear in the uterine wall happening and even a partial is practically harmless and can be fixed!

I just wish people knew more about it as they don't really talk to us about it and expect us just to have another c/s. I think the fact of the matter is, there is more chance of a hysterectomy after a c-section and we should atleast try!!!

Google VBAC, so much info comes up smile Oh and you can be induced after a c-sec but they have to be care ful, they try and let you go into natural labour but most doctors will induce smile Oh and i have to agree i hate the line "atleast they are healthy". Most people say that to me have the best natural births and couldnt even start to understand the sh** we have to go through. A friend of mine had a natural, 5 stitches and 'couldnt' move cos she was so sore. I was trying to hold back laughter...

Anywho lol, good luck!! Cant wait to hear about the tips to help prepare for a good vbac!
Thanks girls, dispite some nasty tales this is actually a really positive thread for me, hoping for vbac after an emergency c/s last time. I actually got so down about not delivering naturally last time that when I found out i was pregnant again I simply refused to look at anything about natural birth, I just felt really jealous of every other woman out there who got to do what I couldnt.
Every time I got nervous about the VBAC decision -because its so easy to swing back and forth by the minute - I come searching the forums for support, and I always find it. Thanks!! wink

Nikki, 26. Mum to William 1.3.06; Callum 30.10.07

hi guys what is VBAC


It stands for Vaginal Birth After Caesarian smile

Nikki, 26. Mum to William 1.3.06; Callum 30.10.07

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Good luck - and don't be too put off! It helps if you can think a bit about how you might feel about a c/s before hand, and it sounds like you're approaching things with the right attitude.
Nice bump!

PS I think you spend as much time as me floating around these forums!!!

Nikki, 26. Mum to William 1.3.06; Callum 30.10.07

Post deleted by administrator.
I had a natural birth the first time with a baby that would have not had cerebral palsy had the doctor had the forsight to get me in for an emergency ceasar right away. My second was an emergency ceasar and she is all well and great. My third was a planned ceasar and that was fantastic and SAFE. it actually has been proven that a ceasar birth in many instances can be safer for the baby. Anyway. although it was traumatic for you- you have a beautiful healthy child that was brought into the world alive and well. I know that is hard but you do whatever it takes to bring the child into the world breathing. If my first had been a ceasar he would have been breathing at birth- instead he was blue and it took ages to get him back - leading to CP.
Try and put it in perspective. Most VBAC end up in ceasars anyway as the previous cut can tear. research and pick what suits you but above all else be prepared for anything and that way you wont be disappointed. good luck!!

DS 18November2005 DD05OCT98 DS02APR96 DS21MAR08

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