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Double strollers Lock Rss


Can anyone recommend a good double stroller for a 2 year old and newborn please?

Thanks heaps

Jennifer, DS 21/06/03, DS 16/10/05

Hi Jem,

My sister used one of those one in front of the other prams, and it was terrible to push.

My girlfriend is using the Valco with the toddler seat, for her 2 year old and new born and she thinks it is the best.


Mandy, VIC, Mum of Hayley Born 02.06.05

I have a Bacino Sherpa Twin Jogger and I think it is great! It wouldn't be any good if you have a small car though even though it isn't much bigger than a normal jogger once folded. It has the two seats set on the frame and the back one lays back for a baby and the front reclines as well although not the whole way back. I found it great for my almost 2yr and my 10 week old...I can actually go shopping now!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

From my experiance, i had a 2 year old when my second was born and we had a birtini shuttle pram and put a toddler seat on it. This was good while the second one didnt sit up but at the sitting up stage they both hate it. The one in the pram cant move thier legs very freely and the toddler seat does not allow the toddler to sleep. I am now expecting my third and we plan on getting a side by side one. this way they both have thier own space and they can both sleep. I have been doing a lot of researchinto this and from what i have read if you plan on going with a jogger do not get a three wheeler because a lot of them are prone to overbalancing very easily. apparently the valco, mountain buggy type ones are the best.
hope it helps

Kathryn - Zack-4, Toby-2 & Molly 1

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