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So sick of it.... GROW UP Lock Rss

why is it that if your young (im talkin 16/17) that u get dissed for being pregnant? so wat if were young and we chose to start our family in my case it wasnt planned but she definately isnt unwanted.
In a way we have a better advantage...
1) we have an advantage coz we are younger we are used to being up all night
2) we dnt have to put our careers on hold because we havnt started our careers
3)i have been told by numerous people that it easier raising a child when u are young rather then when u are 30/40 odd (im not having a go at the older parents) my mum raised my sister when she was 18 and she sed ti was easier then raising me at 33!!

im so damn sick of walkin down the street and getting death stares because im a young mum 2 b.. im sorry that the father didnt tel me the condom broke and i wasnt going to get an abortion because i believe it was meant to be!
im 31 weeks pregnant and i woodnt trade this experience for the world..

so to all the people out there that judge young mothers think agen y just judge young mothers??? because u think they are immature etc. y dnt u get to know someone before u judge them???

oh and by the way WE ARE PEOPLE TOO dnt u think it hurts?

Hi Lil_Lozza,
I agree you can be a good parent at any age provided you give your child the love and care it needs, that is all they need. Some people are stuck in the ice age where it was taboo for anyone to have a child out of wedlock and/or at a younger age. People have their ideals and unfortunately can't move past them as that is what they have grown to believe. Best thing to do in your situation is to embrace it, walk with your head held heigh and with big smiles on your face. They don't know you but they will judge you, that is the way society works.
Chin-up, not everything thinks like that.
Good Luck

Please don't feel you need to justify why young mothers have the advantages. i was 23 when i fell pregnant, so average age i would say. my eldest is now 11 and i am 35 and i am 27 weeks pregnant with baby no6. to the same father (which shocks a lot of people). I think each mother is unique and we can all offer each other help advice a shoulder to lean on whatever, regardless of age. people judge me, cause i look younger now than wheni first had kids (apparently) so they jump to assumptions that i am a single mother doing it for the money, couldnt possibly have been married and had 6 kids by choice (granted we did have asurprise for baby no 3 but loved regrdless and a beautiful boy he is at that).. I think we are all way to hard on each other, at the endof the day, these babies are our responsibility and noone else is going to help pay for schooling nappies activities food, or anything else, so a bit of praise and guidance can go a long way. at any age....and i don't feel there is any need for critisism. You can only be and do the best you can and i am sure that the baby to come will be lovd and nurtured unconditionally.When you become a mum, everything else seems petty.
I COMPLETELY agree with you little lozza - and you aren't the only one being dissed! there is a 16 yr old on here who got accused of child abuse because she is 'a child herself'. It's horrible that someone can make those judgements without even knowing someone... along with all the other stereo types like young mums only get preg because they want the money for the baby bonus or have nothing better to do with their lives... it's a load of crap (although there are some situations where this is the case - there are also older people out there who do it for those reasons).

I am 20 - and still am worried that people will look down on me (i look a lot younger).
thanks breesta i have been told endless stories about the "old days" when if u fell pregnant u were either to marry or abort.. and some of them have horrible endings..

people just assume that because we are young we are doing it for the money.. plz if i wanted money i woodnt have a baby they give us wat 4 grand? and ot costs way moooooreeee then that to raise a child!!!
thanks agen

yer i know nicole hehe she a friend of mine its ridiculous people wanna judge without knowing i mean i didnt plan on falling pregnant at 15 but i sure as hell woodnt change nething.. the father may have been 19 but BIG DEAL it was what we wanted.. he may have dun a runner now but i still woodnt trade my unborn daughter for the world

Are you for real about the post witht he 16yo girl being name called nicole??? OMG was that on the "offended" thread, i added my thoughts,and now the whole thread has gone, can't find it anywhere. now that is cruel. I don't undersatnd what age would be appropriate to some people. I see young mums all the time at the local shopping centre, and there is no difference between any of the mumss, we are all pushing prams, changing pants, feeding, comforting, regardless of age. If there are girls oput there doing it for the money young or older, i guarantee they will only do it once anyway as it may sound like a lot but doesn't support them forever!!!! If i had of known that i was going to have 6 kids, iwould have started and finished in my 20's, just so i could get back to some kind of quality of life without changing nappies for the last 11 But i can go back to work when i choose and life is good, but thats the path life takes you sometimes. I would never have thought for a second i would have 6 kids anyway, but what would i do without them...??
i know its hard from the minute i found out i was pregnant i was lyk omg wat wood i do with out this baby.. il admit i was going off the rails a little bit but she has pulled me into line and i dnt know wat i wood do without her or my mum.
i dnt think i wood cope without her and shes not even here yet!

now you definately know, she is meant to be here with you!!!! it is a wonderful exciting thing, and you will never feel the love like you do for your child, it isquite unbelievable how a baby can change your whole world, way of thinking, priorities,everything, good for you for going thru on your own, you will do great.. I know if my DD came home and told me she was pregnant i would be nothing but supportive, lets face it, if thats the worst that she's going to tell me, then that is alright by me!! Plus i want heas of grandkids, so i would be secretly jumping up and down with
my mum was/is REALLY supportive.. its her first grand child and she is soo excited.. she told me it wasnt wat she wanted for me but she wood rather have a pregnant daughter thn a daughtere who is an alcoholic or a drug addict... she has told my aunty on many occasions when my aunty starts saying stuff that she wood rather be in her position and have a pregnant daughter then a son who is sumwhat involved with drugs and heading of to juvy.. mum sed she couldnt cope with that.. i just cant wait til i hold my beautiful princess in my arms.. i will fight heaven and earth to keep her by my side and safe and nothing or no one wil take her away from me

Hey Lil Lozza,

i am so proud of you. You really show maturity for your age and i can see that you do love this little girl and will take care of her. I believe that as long as a child is loved and cared for it doesn't matter what age you are. Granted there are so many young ones out there that aren't doing it right and i think that contributes to why people judge and say they are doing it for the money but hello, there are older women doing that too!! Just because you are only 16 does not mean you can't raise this little girl as well as someone who is 26 or 36. In fact, i think you will do a better job then some older mothers out there. I wish you the best of luck and make sure you keep us informed of how you're going. Take care sweetheart xx

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